Gold watches, starting with Replica Nixon 51 30 watches

Much of ancient astroscientific research came from Replica Nixon 51 30 Gold watches, measuring and recording time by observing the moon’s rain or shine cycle. In our mind, the moon always with an indelible veil of mystery, let us want to explore, understand. And the birth of “lunar Gold watches”, to some extent, to achieve our “sit and watch the sky” Gold dream.
What is a lunar chart?

Replica nixon watches┬áis a wristwatch with a “lunar Gold watches function”. They are usually placed on the dial with a special semicircular window, which contains one half arc and two small arcs. This carefully designed shape, combined with the moon on the lunar disk, tells us more accurately what the moon looks like at the beginning or end of a cycle.

The lunar Gold watches watches is based on the principle that every 29.5 days of the Gold watchess of the month is a cycle, and the sum of two cycles “59” is used as the number of gears on the lunar Gold watches wheel. The moon wheel, pushed by the driving wheel, moves one tooth a day to show the change of the Gold watchess.

Complex features are often associated with expensive, rare, and luxurious items, but in fact, there are also watches that are well designed and crafted for five-figure prices. Take “lunar Gold watches watch” as an example, Replica Nixon 51 30’s famous craftsman series lunar Gold watches watch is very classic.
As a senior high-end series of Replica Nixon 51 30 watches, famous craftsman series sales and reputation has been good, above the figure of L2.673.4.78.3 everyone should be familiar with, it is the most complex movement structure, the most parts, the most functions of a famous craftsman series. Not only with lunar Gold watches function, but also with 30 minutes timing, 12 hours timing, 24 hours display function, in addition, the date, month, week can be read from the dial. The engine is equipped with cheap nixon watches, with 28,800 vibrations per hour and 54 hours of power reserve. The domestic price is only 25,000 RMB. Its appearance not only proves the watches of Replica Nixon 51 30 exquisite not only good watchmaking skills, but also let more watch friends in the pursuit of complex functions on the way to a good choice.
In addition to the big brother of the longines master craftsman series above, the series also introduced a new lunar Gold watches watch this year, which has been upgraded and optimized from the level of appearance to the movement.

Replica nixon watches of famous craftsman series still continues the elegant style that Replica Nixon 51 30 always has, dial design is concise and atmospheric, give a person the sense of low-key inside collect. There are some changes in the diameter, in addition to the size of 40 mm, also add 42 mm diameter watch for selection.

The style of dial is also more diversified. The classic silver wheat grain dial is painted with Arabic numerals. Black wheat grain ornamented dial with painted Roman numerals; Blue sun pattern dial with Mosaic time mark. The 6 o ‘clock position has the date display ring and the Gold display window, the small pointer indicates the current date. Watch can be equipped with stainless steel chain or black, brown and blue leather strap, color palette is more diverse and allows more freedom of choice.

There’s also a new special in the collection. Diameter 40 mm, blue sun pattern dial inlaid with 13 top-grade wesselton VVS grade diamond time scale. Blue leather strap, with a sense of class but also full of vitality.

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