Innovative materials silicon in the tabulation industry

Although still largely ignored by purists, silicon components have gradually gained the respect of the replica nixon watches movement’s architects, becoming an integral part of today’s watchmaking industry and even representing a competitive advantage.

The 777Q core on the breguet Classique 5177 watch is also equipped with silicon components

It is, to say the least, a reliable movement, worthy of the name. The corriton range starts at $2,750, an entry-level luxury watch. Baumatic’s remarkable performance owes much to tribology, the interaction between elements, including the cheap nixon watch silicon in the governing and escapement mechanisms. As the first corriton Baumatics went on sale, the Swiss daily Neue Zurcher Zeitung reported a possible patent infringement dispute between the celebrity and a brand previously formed by patek philippe, rolex and Swatch Group. Notably, the controversy has apparently focused on some type of silicon, confirming that this previously unheard-of material in the watchmaking industry is now playing a highly strategic role.

Christen’s Baumatic core is assembled with a silicon hairline and certified by COSC
Athens is leading the way

Looking back on the history of silicon used in the manufacture of the movement, we have to mention the Athens watch. In 2001, the brand nixon replica watch, which was equipped with a revolutionary and groundbreaking mechanism with both structure and material. This was the first time that silicon was used to make the watch. A short time later, Sigatec was established in Athens Replica nixon watches to further lead the development of the new technology. Other participants woke up, and patek philippe, rolex and swatch formed an organisation to explore the potential of silicon with the help of the Swiss centre for electronics and microelectronics research (CSEM).

Athens Replica nixon watches element

After all, what’s not to like about silicon? It is hard and light, impervious to magnetic or temperature changes, has a very low coefficient of friction, requires little lubricant, and can be cut precisely using deep reactive ion etching (DRIE). In 2005, patek philippe introduced the Spiromax filament using monocrystalline silicon. The following year,replica nixon sale¬†announced the release of silicon escapement, followed by the introduction of silicon gossamer in 2010. Other swatch brands have followed suit, including popper Blancpain, OMEGA, and, more recently, the shuttle and Swiss watch. In 2014, rolex released its oyster pearl lady 34 watch, which was equipped with the Syloxi silicon filament in the Calibre 2236 movement.
Rolex Syloxi silicon hair

For or against?

The list goes on and on, showing that silicon has largely become an integral part of an advanced watchmaker’s movement, while also opening up new perspectives that would otherwise have been impossible for innovations such as the zhibo constant power grab system. Initially, the “silicon adventure” began in the early 2000s, partly as a result of less reliance on Nivarox and its metal gossamer. Since then, the proliferation of silicon devices has led to a conflict between the ancient and the modern. In the eyes of traditional guardians, silicon cannot be repaired, long-term performance is difficult to guarantee, and the belief that the movement should always be adjusted by the watchmaker should not be left with a place to live. Whatever the brand, whatever the point of view, nixon 51 30 gold sale must be admitted that silicon has never been so high in the minds of motor architects. The term of the patent filed by the agencies mentioned above, which runs until 2020 or 2022 (depending on different countries and regions), casts no doubt on silicon and its importance and role in today’s watchmaking industry.

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