The chain of replica nixon watches mechanism

The chain for the watch is simple, but inside the structure of the replica nixon watch is a universe of ingenious designs.

A basic motor core consists of four mechanisms, namely kinetic energy mechanism, transmission mechanism, distribution mechanism and speed control mechanism. The so-called upper chain structure is actually power energy mechanism, and the most important work is to store and release kinetic energy.
What is cochain?
The foundation of the operation of a mechanical cheap nixon watch comes from the power. The power of the mechanical watch is stored by the winder in the winder box, and the power is output during the process of releasing the winder to drive the gear running in the machine core. According to the power demand, the number, size and connection mode of the winder box in the machine core are slightly different:
1/ single carton
The winder box is connected to the transmission structure.

Most of the movements are designed with a single box.

The Oris homemade 110 movement provides 10 days of power.

Most of the cores adopt the structure of a single winder box, and the main winder box is equipped with special alloy. The material, length, thickness and even fixation with the central shaft of the winder box will affect the performance of energy storage of the whole winder. When a chain is attached to the movement, the main spring tightens to store energy and releases kinetic energy with the release process. A mechanical watch can store power for about 36 to 48 hours, but it can also provide kinetic energy for up to 10 days or longer.
2/ double carton

Replica nixon watches P5000 movement.

The double coil box of the integrator 381 movement can provide 50 hours of kinetic energy separately.

The Arnold & Son constant power tourer wrist watch is equipped with a double cable box.

The winder box is directly related to energy storage. Part of the machine core adopts the method of carrying two winder boxes to extend the kinetic energy, or two independent winder boxes to provide the drive of travel time and other functions respectively.
3/ multiple carton

Replica nixon watches Sale P.2002 manual upper chain mechanism carries three winder boxes in series and parallel sharing.

The 98.01l chopard motor is equipped with four winder boxes, and two sets of parallel connected winder boxes are used.

Chopard’s L.U.C Quattro watch, which carries 98.01l of movement, has nine days of power

Vacheron 2260 also carries four wind-up boxes.

Carrying the 2260 movement of the passing series tourbillon wrist watch has 14 days of ultra-long power.
The design of multi-strand box is mainly faced with the problem of space configuration of the motor core. According to the demand of kinetic energy, multiple winder boxes will be connected in series or in parallel, and there are designs that combine series and in parallel at the same time. In the core structure, the spring box series can increase the kinetic energy, and parallel can increase the power output torque

The chain type
Manually on the chain

As the name implies, it is necessary to use the human hand to carry out the operation of the mechanical watch to supplement the kinetic energy of the motor core, and there are several common structures to help turn the spring to tighten:
1/ chain from the crown
At present, the most popular way of manually attaching mechanical watches is to rotate the crown which extends from the motor core.

The usual 3 o ‘clock position of the crown.
Replica nixon 51 30 return to the flywheel press style hidden crown.
2/ with the help of the chain tool

When the watch crown was not invented in the early days, more than chain keys helped to put the watch on the chain. Some modern watch models still need to use the chain tools to help speed up the chain on the machine core due to the requirement of energy storage capacity of the winder box. For example, Lange 31 of lunge’s 31-day kinetic energy and Bugatti of parma Johnny’s special structure design.
Lundgren’s Lange 31 wrist watch with exclusive upper chain tool.

Parma Johnny Bugatti Type 370 with the upper chain tool.

3/ special upper chain design

A few watch models use neither traditional crown structure nor additional tools to help with the upper chain. Instead, they redesign the gear structure that drives the upper chain. For example, the Prestige watch model owned by independent watchmaker brand Romain Gauthier abolished the crown and replaced it with the same horizontal disk structure as the gear and placed it on the watch bottom cover. The Athens whimsical watch series also because of the special structure of the motor, through rotating the rear cover of the watch case for the chain on the watch.
The Prestige HMS watch item owned by Romain Gauthier rotates the chain from the special disk on the back of the watch.
The back cover of the Athens fancy watch is the chain on the movement

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