Do you know the best king?

Life has many hurdles to cross

A lot of test
A lot more
Work, emotional, friendship
You can go through a lot of trials
The real person?
No such exaggeration

Explain your experience and your abilities
Has reached a certain height
The same goes for the watch world
There are many benchmarks
There are different tests
Experience a different polish
Passing quality control
Beyond the various levels of assessment
That’s what it is. That’s what it is.

Those who have passed the examination for replica nixon watches are aware that different certificates have their own preferences. For example, tem8 and senior interpreters are two different things that seem to be connected but are different in nature. This is especially true in the field of watches, especially in the current industry environment, which not only has traditional third-party certification such as observatory certification and Geneva certification, but also has many certification systems launched by cheap nixon watches.

It is no exaggeration to say that today’s clock certification market is in the warring states era. It is really a significant boost for the future development of the industry. It is a happy annoyance for table junkies who use authentication as the criteria for choosing tables. After all, it’s impossible to expect every table fan to know the advantages of each certification. But there is one company in the certification world of the watch industry that people really have to wear. It’s called QF certification.
QF certification, founded by Replica nixon watches Fake in collaboration with Chopin and sv, under the full name Qualite Fleurier, only began accepting applications in 2004. It’s a worthy rookie, but youth can be truly limitless. Look at some of the most demanding requirements in the QF certification system, and you can see why QF has leapt to the top of one of the industry’s highest standards.
In the traditional clock certification system, the precision of walking and decoration polishing are almost all required. But in QF certification, these two items are only the foundation, and only if both meet high standards at the same time can they enter the next step. One has to ask, how high is the standard? Just two points.
First, a lot of wrist watch with Swiss official observatory on certification (C.O.S.C), and was once seen as a field of advanced tabulation here Chrono ­ able certification, just QF certification basis, and through the examination to the university entrance exam, after the first two imprison have a chance to apply for certification QF.
Secondly, the aesthetic standard of QF is for each part in the movement, including the invisible part in the whole movement, and each part has corresponding qualified reference.

As for the main part of QF, it’s best to go to the QF lab on your own. Because it was only there that one could feel firsthand the rigor of the paper understatement that “QF certification requires a random sampling of 5 percent of the submitted form as a performance test.” Collision, fall, magnetic field… All the tests will give the impression that this is for the ruined watch. In addition, the laboratory can also see what is known as the world’s unique action simulation machine, the role of the knockoff nixon watches wearing scenes. The complete and high imitation of the action in the machine is unique in the whole industry.
If you are lucky enough to have visited, you will know that at the end of the visit, the staff will share three points:

First, the 5% sample submitted will not appear in the market.
Secondly, it basically takes 2 years from the inspection to the final result.

Third, the watch is allowed to put a QF mark only if all the tests pass.

Qualite Fleurier certification mark

Unlike some groups, QF certification is not too exclusive. The only geographical requirement is that the watch parts are 100% made in Switzerland. The reason is simple: it takes a lot of money and a lot of time to wait for a test that is highly unlikely to pass. In this era of pursuing commercial interests, how many would “so stupid”?
Fortunately, parma Johnny insists on a “challenge” to QF certification. Although the cost, time and other reasons, the current access to the mark is only three models.this is the industry’s best. What’s more, the quality of Tonda QF watches, Kalpa QF watches and Toric QF watches, regardless of the QF mark, is in the leading level of the industry, no matter it is walking precision, motor core polishing, or stability. It is not even an exaggeration to say that any of the three tables is textbook – class.
In daily life, we must admit that no certificate can be a complete and comprehensive evaluation of personal ability. But in the world of watches, QF certification works! Strict requirements and the credibility of existing products, so that it really achieved. Because the examiners of the wristwatch, in addition to various certification bodies, you and I, get the certification, more easily to impress the watch fans who really understand the watch.
I know several watch friends, when buying the first replica gold watch, only look at the watch’s certificate, according to them, “I can’t understand the dense data parameters, there is a professional organization to help me screen, why I do not directly through the certificate to choose? This is a kind of standard to look for her among the masses, be like to take English major class 8 certificate, ability walk through a foreign enterprise all not afraid, Right?

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