The seal of the precious metal of the common agreement

Switzerland’s precious metal mark alone is troublesome enough, and there are many other countries in Europe. The respective technical and legal requirements of all these countries impede the cross-border trade of precious metal products. After a long discussion of the 1960 s, in November 1972 in Vienna signed the convention on precious metals product regulation and signs (abbreviated name “hallmark convention” or “Vienna convention”), and came into force in 1975.

In this agreement, countries agreed to mark the precious metal on a fair scale. The number above represents the purity of precious metals, while the outer frame of the balance represents different types of precious metals. Platinum, for example, is a prism, and gold is two overlapping circles. How do you think replica nixon watches.

In addition to the need for supervision and control of watches made of precious metal materials at both national and international levels, the original manufacturers are also within the scope of supervision.
Original producers of precious metal materials are required to apply for a “Responsibility Mark” at the precious metal central control office in Berne Berne, Switzerland.
This is the common “responsibility mark”, which comes from the outside of the “iron stock”, “hammer” or key used in metal processing, with a number inside. Different Numbers represent different manufacturers.
More troublesome, due to the symbol of “responsibility” the shape and appearance of almost no constraint clause, as long as it is not the official logo, the other has the responsibility of the registered mark, registered trademark or brand name or the abbreviation of international organizations are similar or the same. So in real life, we can find all kinds of “responsibility marks”. Unless you’re an old driver in the industry, it’s impossible to remember which factory made the case, the buckle, and the strap.
In addition to the modelling of the exotic symbol of “responsibility”, some watch brands have been able to sell the shell of precious metals such as attachments, so they are often used with visible logos “logo of the factory to apply for their own symbol of” responsibility “. For example, the above “responsibility mark” comes from rolex, which is similar to the brand’s crown trademark. It can be recognized by friends who have a little common sense of clocks.
Switzerland’s management of the “mark of responsibility” is also exceptionally strict. Once applied, the “mark of responsibility” cannot be changed for 20 years, in case of misunderstanding caused by frequent changes. Even if a certain “mark of responsibility” production company, the factory has the transfer of ownership, also has to go to Berne’s precious metal central control office changes. Once something goes wrong, you can quickly find the person in charge.
Mentioned earlier, the stamp of the precious metal watches, generally there are four, respectively is “country precious metals special mark”, “symbol of purity of precious metals” and “mutual agreement of the precious metal’s mark” and “symbol of factory standard, responsibility”.
But it does not mean that the precious metal watches must have these four marks. For example, some countries do not have separate rules and regulations on the seal of precious metals, so there is no need to hit them. And common mark of the formation of Switzerland is not universal, a watch of the precious metal casing, fittings is not produced in Switzerland, the finished watches won’t officially enters the Swiss market, then it can not hit on the head. For example, we can’t find the mark of dog’s head on the German brand rohan watches. We can only see the logo of “J” and “750”.
At the same time, the “precious metal mark of common agreement” and “factory mark and responsibility mark” are also used after signing the agreement and registration, which are not universal.
Even in extreme cases, precious metal watches do not have even the most basic “precious metal purity marks” such as 750 and 18K.

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