The history of logo of brand watches

For the mark of “saint Bernard’s dog’s head”, it is not casually covered. In Switzerland, it is completely protected by law. The mark on the saint Bernard dog’s head is strictly limited, even in size. There are two kinds of “st. Bernard’s head”, one is a big dog, the size is 2 mm wide, 1.6 mm high, the other is a dog, the size is 1 mm wide, 0.8 mm hig
In Switzerland, the testing of precious metals is carried out by offices and offices under the federal customs service. Currently, they have a total of 40 inspectors, responsible for the detection and evaluation of more than one million precious metal items each year. In order to divide the responsibilities, the dog head seal of each subordinate office is slightly different.

At high magnification, we can see clearly the letter “G” in the lower right corner of the mark of “saint Bernard’s dog’s head”. The “G” represents the Geneva office, where the watch case and buckle were first tested and identified for precious metals.

This is the abbreviation code for the branches of accreditation bodies across Switzerland. Interested friends can hold a magnifying glass to see where their watches have been certified.
Before that, the seal of the “saint Bernard’s head” was hand-carved and very fine. On top of the precious metal, we can see the obvious concave and convex changes, even the dog’s tongue and hair can be recognized. The precious metal mark of the fake watch can’t be so realistic, so many watch friends rely on the mark to distinguish the watch from the real one.

This laser engraving of “saint Bernard’s head” has appeared in omega, earl, famous scholar, yu bo and other brands. The depth of the carving is very shallow and easy to wear off. At the same time, because it is made by laser, it greatly increases the risk of being imitated. At present, there are some precious metal accessories such as watch buckles in China, and then the laser version of the “st. Bernard’s head” masquerade as the real thing, with a high risk factor. Do not know what the brand side is thinking, since the difficulty of self – health let people to forge!
In addition, the “st. Bernard’s dog head” mark is not dedicated to the Swiss indigenous production of precious metal watches. Replica Nixon Watches from countries and regions other than Switzerland will also have to be tested and assessed when they are officially sold in Switzerland.

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