Replica Nixon Watches 18k gold

From left, it is 18k platinum, 18k red gold, PT950 platinum and replica nixon watches 18k gold
Seventy-five percent of gold mixtures will have different colors and hardness depending on the type and proportion of other metals.
The other 25 percent of 18-karat platinum is nickel, silver, palladium, manganese and other metals that can turn gold white.
While the color of 18 k red gold source mainly metal “copper”, people have used different Numbers to define its colour changes, 3 n red gold (composition is 75% 75% 13% pure gold, silver, copper), 4 n red gold (composition is 75% 75% 9% pure gold, silver, copper), 5 n red gold (composition is 75% 4.5% 4.5% gold, silver, copper). As you can see, the less silver you add and the more copper you add, the redder the color.
So sometimes, we can also see that in some brands, in addition to the 750 for purity, there is also the “N coefficient” for the replica nixon watches 18k gold ratio.
It is worth noting that the 18K red gold will be different depending on the brand and origin. Even the same watch of the same brand has a slight color difference, because the production of the alloy will be different in batches, and it is impossible to guarantee that it is exactly the same.
Use replica nixon watches 18k gold, red gold, platinum, usually marked “750” or “18k”. Platinum is an exception, labeled “PT950”. Among them, PT is the abbreviation for “Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum”, and 950 is the meaning of purity.the specific mark of the precious metal in the host country —
The identification and control of precious metals varies from country to country. They each use their own precious metal control regulations, with independent sampling, testing, marking and technical requirements.
Because we are talking about watches, this time we are mainly talking about the special marks of precious metals of the great nation of clocks, Switzerland.
The official name of the precious metal seal now used in Switzerland is “Head of a st. Bernhard dog”.

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