Is a gold cheap nixon watches a fake without the mark of a dog’s head? The big story behind the small print

Gold and silver are only two rare metals in nature. They are not money. Gold and silver existed long before money, so gold and silver are not money.

When the development of commodity trading equivalents gradually unified, universal equivalent burden usually falls on the silver and gold, that’s because the value of gold and silver piece is high, inanimate, easy to split, easy to carry and identification, has the advantage of the many ACTS as a universal equivalent. When ordinary equivalents are fixed to cheap nixon watches gold and silver, money is created.
When gold and silver are used as money for cheap nixon watches, it becomes a very important step to “identify the color”. It is easy to understand that if you sell a product to someone and you receive not enough gold and silver, you will lose money. For the purpose of “verifying the content of precious metals in gold and silver COINS”, precious metals have been identified and controlled for centuries in most European countries.
In addition to being used as money, gold and silver are often used in jewelry, silverware and watches. Therefore, for this kind of goods, the state will also be included in the scope of identification and control. This is why we can see the mark on the precious metal watch.
There are four common marks on precious cheap nixon watches metal watches:
“The specific mark of the precious metal of the host country”

“Precious metal purity mark same as replica nixon watches

“Precious metal stamp of mutual agreement”

“Factory logo, responsibility mark”
— -precious metal purity mark —
cheap nixon watches Gold is known for its softness. Although the metal can be made into watch cases and watch buckles, it is easy to be damaged. So despite the fact that some of the brands used pure gold as a gimmick, almost all of the brands used gold as the main alloy material.
The most popular of these cheap nixon watches alloys is a mixture of 75% gold and 25% other metals. Such a proportion of alloy material is called “750” or “18K”. What these two Numbers represent is that the ratio of gold to alloy is 750 parts per thousand, or 18 parts per 24.

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