The Skill of Cheap Nixon watches’ Tourbillon

In fact, including tourbillon, the function of the watch is for the practical. Cheap Nixon Watches, in order to reduce the gravity on the watch to capture vertical interference, reduce the error when walking, this in the watch circle is long known as the common sense. Helpless, utility is used to the sea, into the era of wrist watch, the improvement of material and the machining accuracy of ascension, and lashed is far from a watch on your wrist hanging in the inner bag watch so allergic “gravity”, is no longer the patent of the tourbillon accurately. On the contrary, the brand that flaunts gao jing accurate now often does not do tuo fei wheel, so a part of Tibetan is indifferent to refuse.

The Skill of Cheap Nixon watches' Tourbillon

However, the value of the watch has long been not to look at the time, but a spiritual need related to aesthetics, taste and attitude. Just as modern people eat, or fastidious nutrition balance, or pursue color and fragrance all, eat not only to satisfy hunger and satiety, but also to eat out the concept and culture. And Cheap Nixon Watches, it is the most artistic potential in wrist watch function, the mechanical operation that naked eye can see, also need not manual operation, rotate by oneself, the buyer needs to appreciate the waltz on this wrist only quietly. Therefore, for another part of the Tibetan family, the Tibetan watch does not have a tourbillon, no interest in life.

Strictly speaking, Cheap Nixon Watches is not a function, but only in the escapement mechanism with a tuning framework. But more than a whole spinning frame, parts not only precision, quantity is not less than 50, production process is not simple, must is of high precision and high level of assembly of parts machining, can play a proper role. In short, the frame of tuo flywheel is simple, but it is not easy to do well. So even a master copy breguet when version 1.0 of the tourbillon structure, don’t do creative process, but as long as it is advanced tabulation level have to sell millions usd, the odds beginning to pick up cheap is always masochistic jokes.
Cheap Nixon Watches is born for the practical but beautiful art. In the last 20 years, Cheap Nixon Watches’s complexity lies in its top technology and its artistic creativity. Since as the label of high price watch, want luxurious, get dazzle skill namely. But every top-class tuo ferris wheel watch, the core of the machine grinding must be meticulous, like the gorgeous waltz had to dance under the glorious dome, gorgeous accompaniment. More importantly, the top-level technology is only the basis, for the in-depth exploration of the structure, quantity, operation and other propositions of tuo flywheel frame, only then can this waltz really jump to the ultimate state of beauty.
When it comes to the artistic creation of Cheap Nixon Watches, the watch brand is divided into two groups. The top technology of Cheap Nixon Watches of traditional big brands is usually performed with many complex functions, but the structure is mostly large and traditional. And the sword goes to the extreme front is mostly small numerous brand, especially independent watch brand, go out of one’s way is to specialize in the fancy tuo flywheel that competes brilliantly namely, wait only for the first world war to become famous. Harry Winston is an alternative, theory of financial resources and group background definitely is a big one, but it is the king of diamonds crossover tabulation, creativity is the soul of jewelry, with to the TAB, not to lose independent watchmaker creative performance, not only derived from high cold personality is unique jewelry.

The Opus craftsmanship legend series of harry Winston gives people a sense of their dedication to watch making and their unique understanding and expression of advanced watch making. And small Opus eight-year-old Histoire DE Tourbillon Tourbillon epic series, not as powerful and unconstrained style, as the elder brother is wanton brandish, but bases on this proposition composition, the Tourbillon is leng living excavated from the known to the unknown. Histoire DE Tourbillon since one works, all the way across the uniaxial and biaxial and triaxial mechanical structure, soaring 36 seconds, 40 seconds, 45 seconds, 75 second, 120 second and 300 seconds in the rotation of the lap, the group had double Tourbillon and Russell alliance, the Tourbillon + card is included.

This year, Histoire DE Tourbillion introduced works no. 9, is really put the tourbillon this poem sing a new climax, the structure and operation mode of the tourbillon is not beyond the first eight chapters outline, but its visual impact is definitely a series of a peak.
Collectors buy the tourbillon value most is the tourbillon is clearly visible, framework, structure is connected fully, so that every second of the rotation of the panoramic view, like a beautiful classic is not miss a word. 9 works, the tourbillon is the atmosphere, a large hole occupies nearly half the dial, the tourbillon outermost lateral access movement, the framework of vertical type rather than in the past, 360 ° to show the whole the tourbillon framework, and the framework and the width, and a large amount of white space between three frameworks, fully implement the heaven and the earth.
When you put the watch in his hand, saw three frameworks of uniform rotation, mind remember the outer, middle and inner layer of the framework of the 300 second, 75 seconds, and 45 seconds lap data become pale, that instant, the abstract Numbers on but a representational mechanical sculptures to shock, creative force and mechanical charm from every second frames and spatial changes of pouring, will conquer you. Of course, a new structure for the tourbillon within the framework of the escapement torsion pendulum system and transmission system of cohesion become more complex, 117 parts assembly and polishing the same day, creative without technical backing.
Histoire DE Tourbillion epic tourbillon 9 wrist watch
At the same time, the watch is also integrated with the classic elements of haley Winston brand, which naturally shows the imprint of inheritance in the sensory impact. The tourbillon of outer frame is a big surprise, for the first time by brand classic emerald modelling, crown and thread the needle is three arch design, exclusive echo brand flagship store in New York’s fifth avenue arch model. When the dial is at 11 o ‘clock and 1 o ‘clock, the hollow-out hour and sub-unit disk are set as the most commonly used reverse jump function of the brand watch making, which is looming in the machine core splint. The diameter of the case is 46.5mm, the smallest size of the series. First, the tourbillon is more amazing, and second, the overall correction model of the watch.

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