Why doesn’t the second hand move in the center of the chronometer? Is it broken?

“Why doesn’t the second hand in the middle of my new watch go away? The little one down there is working hard, isn’t it bad? You have to tell me! The next second I “posted”, the elder brother raised his voice and attracted the attention of the nearby sales and customers. I thought what a serious accident it was. As a result, he went forward to have a closer look. It turned out that he bought a chronometer.
Then, after careful explanation from the clerk, the customer realized that the central pointer was used for timing, not for displaying seconds. Clerk is also added, like just this kind of phenomenon is not in minority, after many customers to get the watch does not read the directions, but on the orientation of the clock thinking to use or look at their watches. As a result, a significant number of people who wear Nixon 51 30 watches do not understand the function of Nixon 51 30 watches. So, of course, we, as clock lovers, have to avoid such events, especially when it comes to the most mechanically representative timing function.

Nixon 51 30 watches

Nixon 51 30 series

The English name of Nixon 51 30 is “Nixon 51 30”, which now exists in the field of clocks as a professional name. In Old English and Latin, chrono means “time”, while graph means “instrument of record” in English. (in fact, according to the literal translation, should be “stopwatch” the closest, I bold guess is probably in such function in the wrist watch in the subsequent development of more applications in the car speed, so after the function with a speed unit “code” as a representative.)
A rolex ceramic ring with a speedometer on the watch ring

In function, it can record the length of time at will. The standard chronometer typically has a 30-minute or 12-hour timer, as well as a central Nixon 51 30 second hand. The Nixon 51 30 second hand stops at 0 o ‘clock without use. In addition, most timewatchess will have an additional small second disk that will be used to display the seconds (so one of the three time disks is in seconds).
To understand a thing, one must first look at its history

Although most of the timepieces on our wrists now exist only as a function of machinery, they have been associated with speed since their birth. It dates back to the “horses” in 1821, under the vision and bring wealth to attract luck, that crazy, a lot of people including the story of the hero French nicolas in eritrea plug (Nicholas Rieussec), in the strong interest driven he invented and used the first time clock to calculate horse racing time. When time is needed to stop, the pointer will throw the ink spot on the disk as the timing mark, which skillfully made up for the technical defects at that time and saved the cost.
Development can also be understood
This year’s hottest new super – bar omega “dark side of the moon” chronometer

The modern chronometer, however, dates back to the early 1900s. Three smaller disks, usually three more in appearance than a traditional wristwatch, are mostly composed of a 12-hour timer dial, a 30-minute timer dial, and a smaller one. The central Nixon 51 30 is not a traditional display of seconds, but the operation of the crown to complete the timing or speed measurement within seconds. So in the case of not unlock the function of timing, it is still (though it is now a timer, display and in the middle of the second hand, but most of the time clock central needle still used only timing), so it caused some misunderstanding of the user.
Jiang shi-dan pulse chronometer

Its functions have also been expanded, not only to record a certain amount of time, but also to racing cars, measurement, medicine and other fields. TACHYMETER (speed meter), TELEMETER (range meter) and PULSATIONS (pulse measurement function), which are familiar to us, are presented respectively. And on the full scale of the circle to distinguish.
So since it also goes by the second, can we turn it on at ordinary times as a second hand?

Replica Nixon
The Replica Nixon 51 30 timing core

Of course… No way! Unless you want your watch repaired early. The construction of central timing is different from the ordinary second indication, which requires the timing through gear switching and meshing, which involves multiple parts inside the core. For most chronometer, the long time to open the central stop-needle timing will increase the power consumption of the watch running frequent stop-and-go situation. At the same time, it will reduce the durability of the watch and shorten its service life. Unless it is clearly indicated that you can follow the second indicator, it is better to turn it off and look at the microsecond disk without using the timer function on a daily basis.
What should we pay attention to when we use it at ordinary times?
Omega moon watch series Nixon 51 30

At the beginning, it is important to know more about the situation and matters needing attention through the Internet and instructions. This does not stop at the chronometer; it does so for every watches. Don’t get caught up in the complexity and redundancy of this step. It will help you get to know your new partner as quickly as possible.
About timing operation, at present most of the time clock is a double bond operation is given priority to, located on the both sides of the crown, crown for the timing start/pause button above, to time “reset” button below. Generally, because of the large number of timing components, the touch of the buttons on the top is often “harder” than that on the bottom, especially when operating a new watch. Don’t be afraid to press it because you can’t, and don’t press it frequently. As long as the timing function is operated in the normal order, the gear wear can be reduced and the failure rate can be reduced, which is conducive to the maintenance of the machine core.
Functional diagram of Abbey royal oak chronometer

Specific operation, when starting the timing device, the central pointer and the 30-minute timer dial and the 12-hour timer dial are successively progressive in accordance with the unit. When you press the upper Nixon 51 30 button again, the time indicated by each Nixon 51 30 disk and the central pointer is the time recorded. Press this button again to continue the Nixon 51 30. It is important to note that when time operation is completed, it is better to pause and then press the reset button below to cancel the timing of operation, although now many clock support directly, but this is still very safe one same as cheap nixon watches.

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It is a cliche to try to avoid accidental collision damage to the wrist watch, which is essential for accurate chronometer.

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