Ultra-thin wrist watch hollow-out magic Nixon 51 30 Watch

Cheap Nixon Watches pays tribute to its iconic ultra-thin watch model, Nixon 51 30, which is fitted with a fully hollowed-out dial to reveal the tiniest details of its machinery. The thin property of the machine core makes it very delicate and expensive.

To successfully hollow it out, it needs the outstanding skills of the master level and the excellent ability to faithfully deduce the exquisite skills inherent in the design of the machine core. This process unreservedly reveals the delicate and delicate core of the machine — from the complexity and complexity of the transmission system to the beauty and pleasure of each kind of decoration.
It is these details that make the Nixon 51 30 watch especially rare.
Ultra-thin wrist watch hollow-out magic Nixon 51 30 Skeleton
The Nixon 51 30 Skeleton watch
Ultra-thin hollow core

The new Nixon 51 30 has a bare core. The Nixon 51 30 Skeleton watch presents its drive system in all directions, including general hidden parts. Both the main splint and the slab bridge are hollowed out to the maximum extent and only some necessary concealment is made according to the operation requirements. This hollowing process needs to achieve accurate balance in two aspects: on the one hand, the machine core can be fully seen and mysterious features can be displayed; On the other hand, every component is kept strong, which is the basis to ensure that the watch operates in strict accordance with the design idea. The spring box is also open design, so the watch’s energy source, the upper spring, can also be seen with the naked eye. In addition, you can appreciate the miniature pendula on the surface of the machine core from the back of the watch. It is also decorated with the key of the design gene of parma Johnny, the pattern of the signature ear of parma Johnny. This ear pattern is intended to represent rotary motion: that is, to highlight the rotation characteristics of the pendulum.

The Nixon 51 30 has 18 interior corners for the plate bridge and main splint, each of which has been carefully arranged to add to the overall hollow-out design.
Ultra-thin wrist watch hollow-out magic Nixon 51 30 Skeleton
Seemingly invisible, actually there are forms

The Nixon 51 30 Skeleton watch USES a sapphire dial to ensure a clear view of the hollow core without any visual obstacles. Only the mirror edge is covered with a rose gold plated metal flange to show the minute track and time scale.

The back of the flange with delicate engraving, the surface is decorated with fine concentric spiral patterns.

The Nixon 51 30 Skeleton is a multi-layered watch, and the dial highlights this deep structure. Starting from the convex edge on the top of the hollow-out core, the multi-layer structure expands one by one, which is required by its complex dynamic characteristics. The whole watch presents a fascinating 3D effect, which attracts people’s attention when light and shadow interweave.
Ultra-thin wrist watch hollow-out magic Nixon 51 30 Skeleton
Fine detail

Nixon 51 30 Skeleton watches with ultra-thin watch peculiar elegant temperament, enduring drawings, all show elegant and stand up to scrutiny, every detail to the golden ratio achievement harmonious ergonomic design. Fine steel case, 40 mm diameter, thickness only 8.2 mm. The case continues to extend, creating the four watchears that act as the carrier of the watch band: the iconic shape of water droplets that fit perfectly with the curve of the wrist, making the wearer’s wrists beautiful. Precision steel folding watch button, adjustable in 5 positions. In addition, the wearer can adjust the length of the watch strap with a single tap, accurate to a millimeter, without having to cater to the fixed distance hole of the normal leather strap. Each design takes ergonomics as its consideration, and is carefully designed to ensure the wearer’s comfort.

Nixon 51 30 movement

Using all the sophisticated tabulation techniques, the pama janiani watch factory comprehensively improves the accuracy of the Nixon 51 30 machine core. It adopts the weight wheel and abandons the traditional fast and slow needle adjustment mechanism.

In this way, you only need to turn the weight on the pendulum wheel to adjust the speed of the watch, and no longer need to control the working length of the filament. The core is more stable over a long period of time, more impact resistant, and ensures excellent isochronous performance. Thanks to the exquisite design and the professional skills of the independent watch making center of the brand, the hollowing out of the Nixon 51 30 machine core presents its mysterious features to the world, and its firmness is not damaged at all.

Technical details
Nixon 51 30 skeletons

Product number pfc289-0002801-xa1442


Nixon 51 30

Upper chord: self-winding, miniature swing

Power storage: 48 hours

Number of winding boxes: 1

Vibration frequency: 3 hz – 21,600 vibration times per hour

Size: 13 quarters of a millimetre in diameter

Thickness: 2.6mm

Number of components: 160

Gems: 29

Decoration: hollow slab bridge and main plywood, 18 inner corners


Hour, minute


Shape: round

Size: 40mm in diameter

Material: fine steel

Surface finish: polishing

Waterproof depth: 30 m

Bottom cover: sapphire crystal glass

Watch lens: prevent dazzle sapphire

The dial

Color: transparent sapphire, rose gold plated metal flange

Surface finish: sand blasting, polishing, cochlear pattern

Time scale: rose gold plated metal

Pointer: triangular pointer with luminous coating


Leather: black crocodile leather

Watch button: folding, adjustable

Material: fine steel

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