This summer, hands can not be washed, diving watch must wear

This summer, hands can not be washed, diving watch must wear

Start writing this article about the diving watch, which means that summer of the year is really here.Divers’ watches are called diving watch or diver’s watch in English. A diving watch is a diving watch, or diver’s watch. The world record for the depth of a man’s natural diving is in the digital range of more than 100 meters. The memory of the adventurous director Cameron’s submersible reaches a depth of three or four kilometers below the surface. The expedition was aided by Rolex, a watch – rich company. The deep diving ability reaches 3,900 meters waterproof Rolex ghost king, which will be mentioned later.

Simply put, diving watches to more than 100 meters of waterproof performance, equipped with corrosion resistant flexible strap, Replica nixon watches, screw-plug antiskid crown, luminous instructions, and waterproof capacity reached more than 1000 meters of the very professional diving watches will use a row of helium function.

Replica Nixon watches

These functions and Settings described above constitute the “threshold” of a nixon diving watches in conformity with the classical meaning and technical requirements. At the market and practical level, the diving watch is also a popular functional watch style, in daily life waterproof performance is also very important for the use of wrist watch. But, you might say, I can’t swim at all. Or, I don’t even have the habit of washing my hands when I go to the bathroom. Even with thousands of meters of water-resistant submersible meters, there is no chance of diving within 10 meters of the surface. Well said, but life is always hard to avoid a rain or a slow or urgent rain bar. In the world of mechanical wrist watch, many mechanical inventions and functional creation are mostly aimed at making the wrist watch more accurate and nixon watches. The submersible watch, represented by its excellent waterproof performance, also exists for more precise and snixon watches targets. Whether on land or under water, the submersible can better meet these requirements. In a sense, a diving watch is synonymous with a sturdy, durable, everyday wrist watch, and its water-repellent qualities are the hallmarks of its genius.

Replica Nixon watches
Replica Nixon watches

From the practical experience of wearing a watch, a diving watch is indeed more nixon watches to wear in summer than a normal watch or a complicated watch. Domestic man is worn all year round take recreational wind, summer is short dozen knickers slipper more numerous, wear a leather watch to take calendar of ten thousand years or tuofei wheel also is not not ok, but always feel do not take. Besides, it is hard to avoid excessive sweating in hot summer. The diving watch is usually made of anti-corrosion rubber or flexible metal strap, which makes it more relaxed and neat to wear. Basel exhibition on the nixon watches this year, Bell & Ross introduced a Diver BR03-92 Blue watches, diving performance of up to 100 metres this new nixon watches with needle high-quality rubber strap button design, whether it is a deep diving into the sea, or in the pool in the summer, is a good choice.

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The Cheap nixon watches strap should be easy to wear, flexible to adjust and corrosion resistant, which is standard for diving meters. On the surface, the blue key, which symbolizes the ocean, is visually appealing. Besides the Blue dial, rubber band and aluminum insert of the watch ring, br03-92 Diver Blue watch style also achieves the best readability through the time scale and yellow hour hand painted with white super-luminova luminous materials. Speak as an aside, the senior nixon watches fan will know that, as early as in 1997, Bell & Ross launched out Hydromax wrist watch waterproof depth of 11100 meters, in the production of diving watches, Bell & Ross’s attitude is quite serious, to perform well.


In addition to the watch strap, the swivel ring is the diving watch’s finishing touch in appearance and function. The nixon watches rings are designed to allow divers to record the time of entry, and if they carry oxygen, they are used to calculate the amount of oxygen left over.

Now, of course, there are more sophisticated electronic devices that can record the entire dive process, but the rotating watch rings have survived as an ancient wind in the world of diving watches. Tudor from brand to make this year’s first generation of diving watches of design inspiration, green bay 1958 series 60 minutes of uni-directional rotating nixon watches, font and style also follow the classical, the pure steel quality watchcase collocation of 39 mm diameter minutes when the luminous indication on the dial pointer and time scale. The watch, which is waterproof to 200 meters, is as versatile as a pair of swim trunks or even a flax summer suit. Because of its design, it can be said that it is a classic existence.


Diving watches can ensure high waterproof performance, usually in terms of crust structure and the design to make an issue of, be used to regulate the crown to the time information is usually regarded as the internal movement space connected with the external environment of a “channel”, screw-plug antiskid crown can make waterproof performance improved significantly. Looking back, SEIKO, the star of the watch industry in the eastern world, introduced the submersible meter in 1968 using a mechanical automatic chain drive.

This year, we also launched the reprint limited edition of cheap nixon watches — proposal ex series. The new product adopts integrated type watch case and 8L55 mechanical automatic chain machine core, with a waterproof depth of 300 meters. It is worth noting that the screwing in crown is set on the dial at position 4, adorned with large grain crown function is designed to prevent slippery function, and 4 when the position is based in dial for collision avoidance, compared with 3 when the position is set dial can more to alleviate the impact of the external to watch case and crown. In some SEIKO submersible meters, it even provides a more crashproof and cushioning bridge around the crown.


As you can imagine, the true meaning of the deep sea is darkness, and the “night light display” becomes especially important. The “sandwich dial” of Panerai, which has a deep connection to the ocean, is a signature night light display. Now dial in the slot, and then the luminous material filling in as a time slot, luminous material absorption of light in the gamma particles ChuGuang, sustainable emitting more than 10 hours, but the intensity of the light after a certain period will produce a damping effect.

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