Swiss watch exports increased by 13.8% in April 2018

Exports of Swiss watches in April 2018 rose 13.8 per cent from a year earlier to 1.76 billion Swiss francs, according to data released yesterday by the federation of Swiss watch industries (FH). After a relatively weak march, Swiss watch export growth picked up again in April, returning to growth in the first two months of the year.

Thus, from January to April 2018, Swiss watch exports totaled 6.7 billion Swiss francs, up 11.0% year on year.
Fine steel wrist watches (+16.9%) contributed significantly to the export growth, while other materials wrist watches (+34.8%) also increased significantly. The overall export volume (+9.0%) showed a positive change, especially thanks to the fine steel wrist watch (+13.3%).
Both exports and exports have risen in all price segments. Export prices between 500 to 3000 Swiss francs products exports (exports + 15.7%, + 19.1%) continue to make the most robust growth, export price is higher than 3000 Swiss francs products exports (exports + 14.5%, + 15.6%) followed by.
Swiss watch exports to China’s Hong Kong market grew at three times the global average (+43.4 per cent), the fastest monthly increase in the past six years.

After some ups and downs, the us market (12.8 per cent) seems to be back positive. Growth in China’s mainland market (+11.0%) has slowed slightly, but remains very high. The Japanese market (+9.1 per cent) continued to recover. Market in Europe, Germany (+ 12.8%) growth is strong, in the past three months to the UK market conditions deteriorated sharply (14.7%), Italy (+ 2.0%) and the French market (+ 5.3%) have improved, but still below the average.More information about Cheap Nixon Watches.

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