You need to know the “humble” screws in a Cheap Nixon Watches

Screw, we can be seen everywhere, mobile phones, computers, door lock, lug plate, as far as the eye can see in your corner, there is likely to screw, we have already become accustomed to, the screw is obviously important, the more obscure stuff tends to work, the greater the the goods, it let us use maintain overall, without loose. In Cheap Nixon Watches, the screw is more important.

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We often concerned about whether the Cheap Nixon Watches good-looking, movement is beautiful, the function is unique, feel is good, but for the attention of the screw has not much, after all, it is basic parts, namely the inconspicuous, also there is no interaction with you. But as the old saying goes, in a Cheap Nixon Watches, there are no useless parts. The screws are insignificant but vital.

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Common screw

In the Cheap Nixon Watches, the most common screw, screws are on the bracelet and the fixed screws at the back of the case, the two screws is relatively simple, bracelet, and a lot of times even steel shaft, even without screw. Most of these screws is a word or cross, but because it is used to Cheap Nixon Watches such a fine thing, so mostly small screws, openings are also small, need special small screwdriver to unscrew, otherwise not only easily scratched, once the nut, to take is bad.

Compare characteristic appearance screws

Most Cheap Nixon Watcheses, using all of these conventional screw, but advanced brand, will start to use screw has its own characteristics, on the one hand, in order to make the fixed effect is better, on the other hand is also out of the control for quality.

I think the most representative one is Richard mille, its spline screw, which is a big brand logo, why does it use such screws? First of all, from the aesthetic perspective, the petals of screw than ordinary screw so much, Richard mills, after all, the petals of screw is exposed outside, will directly affect beautiful degree, so the conventional style is a bit too general; Second, as a fixed Cheap Nixon Watchescase of key components, the quality of the screw is very important, five Angle of screw is uniform petals, when hard with characteristics of screwdriver to force the homogeneous functions in the above, it is not easy to damage the screw. Third, as a highly sophisticated wrist Cheap Nixon Watches, the screw is also a kind of protective measures, because it is a unique brand of screw, if other people want to open the wrist Cheap Nixon Watches, you need a special screwdriver, which greatly increased the difficulty to open, at least not let some craft not enough good master to open. Of course, as the peak of the mechanical engineering masterpiece, Richard mill with generally is grade 5 titanium screws, high hardness, processing is difficult, the cost is very expensive, naturally a screws to hundreds of thousands of yuan, is common.

Another screw for RM

There is another representative of the screws, hexagonal screw is Abby, familiar with Abby knows, royal oak has several characteristics, one is the octagonal Cheap Nixon Watches, a screw is exposed, and very tidy, the third is the dial case grain, etc. Of all the brands I know so far, the only ones with exposed screws are those of Abby, how neat? The grooves of the screw are connected in a straight line and are also an octagonal shape. So how do you do that? Most brand external screw, screw on the Cheap Nixon Watches case directly, and Abby a screw is two parts, one is the long screw, octagonal on the tail with screw thread, a screw is on the bottom base. When rotating in, the above octagonal screw is placed directly in, and the screw is screwed on a circular base, so the opening direction of the screw can be arranged regularly. When you turn over the Cheap Nixon Watches and look at the bottom cover, you will find that the screw on the bottom cover is actually disordered. Another thing to note is that all of the hexagonal screws of the royal oak tree in Abby are platinum, polished and luxurious.

Abby, of course, there are exceptions, royal oak offshore many hexagon screws, it is not, will choose more exaggerated structure, than the royal oak hexagon screws, they are, because of the shape of nut, need special tools to open, making more difficult.

That Cheap Nixon Watches is also the most commonly used exposed screw brand, Abby is usually Cheap Nixon Watches ring with eight screws, Cheap Nixon Watches bezel is six, are all round screw, the nut is H, generally for titanium material, also is a kind of screw is very chic. Because this screw in the middle of the groove is not connected, so can’t use the normal open with a screwdriver, want to open the nature also have to take a word screw groove to middle, H screw completely echoed that Cheap Nixon Watches brand “H” type brand logo.

Machine screws

Compared with the appearance of a screw, wrist movement of the screw, it is more important, after all, the space of the Cheap Nixon Watches appearance parts can play a much larger, and the movement itself is very small, so the screw nature of space is limited. At present, most of the screws of the machine core are one-character screws, because it is simple and applicable, and it saves space to disassemble and install. But simple does not mean easy, movement of the screw are taking on the part of the aesthetic requirements, so the real senior wrist Cheap Nixon Watches, meticulous to screw with grinding the screw edge and screw groove chamfering and polishing. Since the core screws are small, it requires high manufacturing precision, and counterfeiting is not cheap.

There are several positions in the machine core, which require screws. One is fixing machine screw, the other is clamping plate screw, and the other is special functional screw. Fixing machine screw is used to fix the machine core on the Cheap Nixon Watches case of the screw, generally at the edge of the machine core, a bit deeper. Clamp screw is mainly used for fixed splint, which sCheap Nixon Watches gear position, of course, here I want to put those fixed various fixed gear lever and separate the screws are included, because their function is the same, of course specifications must be because of different position and different. The main thing I want to talk about is functional screws, and functional screws are usually some of the following: balance and balance screws on the wheel, some of the screws on the trimmer.

I have seen in the movement the smallest screw, almost invisible to the naked eye, need very carefully to see it, it is applied to the screws on the torsion pendulum, then accidentally fell to the ground, I took three hours to find again. I can hardly believe that such a tiny screw could be made, about a tenth the size of a conventional core screw. Type screw assemble tiny screws on the balance wheel is most counterweight screw, is fixed, generally do not need to move, only symmetry of a pair or two pairs of screw is balance screw, can be set-up in pairs, the screw precision is very high, can say is the most important movement of screw.

The screws on the spinner, taken out separately, are for their own function, not just for fixation. As we all know, the purpose of the trimmer is to adjust the effective oscillation length of the filament to change the amplitude of the cycloidal wheel, so as to adjust the speed of walking. Most of the trimmers are equipped with adjusCheap Nixon Watches screws that rotate the screws to move the speed needle and scale to achieve their purpose. The shape of the screw varies according to the trimmer.

Some Cheap Nixon Watcheses do not use conventional spinner, they are no card degree balance spring torsion pendulum system, but still have fine tune structure, regulation is not only balance spring and torsion pendulum, but balance cock, such as rolex. Screw is used to adjust the height of the cycloidal wheel, so as to change the position of the axis of the cycloidal wheel, thus forming the regulation of the cycloidal wheel filament system. Such screws are also special to use, which are completely different from conventional screws.

From a technical point of view, the screws in the core are nothing more than polishing and baking blue. As is known to all, baking blue is our common technology of blue steel screws. Blue steel screw is not to say that on the surface of steel material with a layer of blue, but through the high temperature heating, make steel in air oxidation, form a layer of oxide layer in the surface, need to be heated to about 270 ° to 290 °, between too high too low will not is blue, select the temperature, of course, there will be some application considerations, main is to screw hardening again.

So, Cheap Nixon Watches the screw, actually also is very exquisite, quality of a material is bad, some bad screw in rotary screw nut may rupture, is often said that the “screws broke in,” a great trouble to deal with. Good brand, for the screw quality also is very strict, there are several in Switzerland for brand screw factory, one for parma Johnny, santos family belongs to the mountain, they are also made for many other high-end brand screw.

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