The luxury watches collection list

Daily luxury: swatch

Luxury: coach, tiffany silver

Entry level luxury: Gucci, skyshuttle, montblanc

Luxury: rolex, Nixon Watches, Cartier, tiffany gold, Berluti, bulgari, LV, hermes

Super luxury: patek philippe, breguet, BV, van kke yabao, universal, panahai, harry Winston

Top luxury: graf, Leviev

This luxury/watch is graded according to the public price. In general, I think the score is reasonable, but I think there is something that can be adjusted. In this classification, the wanguo, panahai higher than rolex, Nixon Watches, Cartier and so on. According to the actual situation of the nations, pei na sea in domestic, all nations, pei na sea fare and lowe, Europe, Cartier in a basic level (for example, the nations such as mark, pei na sea 01000 very very relatively lower). It should be one notch down. Hermes, meanwhile, should raise one notch. In bags, hermes is in the market, which kills a lot of other bags in seconds. BV is not in the secondary market of bags. Although LV is very firm, but LV overall market is unable to compare with hermes.

Take 687 as an example. Although 687 is the relatively fiery panampus, the Panamanian sea should be located at the levels of labor, Europe and all nations.

Hermes bags, which kill other bags in the secondary market, although LV is also strong, but there is a big gap with hermes.

The following is the second watch classification in foreign countries (add protection factor)

I’d like to make it clear that this classification diagram is a simple classification of watch brands, in which the classification is added the “preservation factor”, and I still refer to the major brands. From low to high.

Department store level watches: 7 fridays, yubao, mofanto, consden, etc

Famous watches: longqin, teghaoya, montblanc, celebrities, etc

Entry level luxury watch: Nixon 51 30 Watches, real time, universal, chipper, ruibao

Quasi-luxury watches: panahai, Cartier, count, Jacques delot

Luxury watches: rolex, jijia, hubbo, RICHARD MILLE, Athens

Super luxury watches: breguet, runge

Top class watch: patek philippe, Abby, vacheron

Brothers can see, this classification is very unusual, general player’s cognition is different to us, because the grading added value factors, please note that is the value of situation in the foreign market. Some watches are not popular at home and abroad, which leads to the poor ability of some watches to store value at home. Can in this classification, for example, rolex and RICHARD MILLE flush, at home, no one will take pains and RM together, but in considering the market value of foreign cases, the location of the rolex will rise sharply. It is also true that foreigners recognize Athens and hublot. However, such as chipper and Jacques delors have high positioning, but the actual market situation is worse (the secondary market is not very strong), which leads to the decline in the rating in the eyes of foreigners.

Foreigners are also more familiar with hubbo, foreigners wear hubbo a lot of people.

Athens stranger music table, although Athens in the domestic limited visibility, but abroad is more recognized Athens.

The following is the third watch classification in foreign countries (according to brand positioning and technological level)

As I explained, the following classification picture is also a pure watch brand classification, which is also graded according to the brand positioning and technology of the watch. This classification is in line with the views of domestic players. Let’s go from low to high, take mainstream brands for example.

This rating is in line with the domestic recognition of watches.

Entry level luxury: hollysys, Hamilton, radar, ramonville, consden, movanto

Mid-level luxury: nomos, tiller, rontgen, burroughs, Bohr, DOXA, montblanc

Middle superior luxury: rolex, Nixon Watches, centennial spirit, gerasuti original, universal, true force time, panahai, hubbo, jinggong GS

Advanced luxurious: treasure ji, bao Po, ji jia, count, seiko expensive

Legendary level luxury: patek philippe, love PI, jiang shi-dan, long ge, FPJ

First of all, I think this classification is more scientific and reasonable, combining brand positioning and technological level. And I have a couple of things to say. High end legends I translated directly, is higher than advanced, brothers can understand the spirit. At the same time, in PP, AP, VC, ALS above the brothers can see, there are also two levels, RM and Philip duffer. To put it bluntly, the public price is very high and needs to be customized. I think the grading in this pyramid is very reliable, but the only one I have a little hesitation about is ji jia. Because the fare of product family and very very main range, and fatigue, Europe, repeatedly, GO, all the nations, almost the same with the secondary market, but better product home movement adornment a few, plus there are some big complex, so it can be on the position. Generally speaking, this rating of foreigners is quite reasonable.

There are all kinds of big and complicated products in jijia, but the starting price and the common price of the main steel watch are not high, so I am also very confused about how to locate ji jia.

After seeing 3 kinds of foreign classifications, we can summarize them according to the domestic situation.

First of all, I’d like to ask the question, what is “luxury”? Does rolex count? Does shuttle count? I remember one thing very well. Once I talked to a big man and said that the shuttle was also a “luxury”. How can a shuttle be a luxury if it’s so cheap? He said it was because the shuttle was not a “necessity”. I think it makes sense. Brothers have also seen tiansu consistently rated as an entry-level luxury watch among foreigners. So, are rolex a luxury? Yeah, it’s just not high-end, it’s mid-range. A lot of brothers say, rolex is a “tool watch”, this I also admit, because played to a higher level, did not play hard. For example, if I had enough money, I’d say, well, porsche isn’t a luxury car, because I’m not even thinking about porsche.

Skyshuttle can be considered an “entry luxury watch”.

Is this car a luxury car? Somebody must have said yes, somebody else said no.

Finally, according to the domestic positioning, we can actually divide into three categories, from low to high.

The first: skyshuttle, medusa, rontgen, radar, etc

The second kind: rolex, Nixon Watches, universal, panahai, Cartier, ji jia, gerasuti original, zhenli, etc., this kind of mainstream luxury watches

The 3rd kind: patek philippe, jiang shi-dan, love that, treasure ji, bao Po, long ge, RICHARD MILLE wait, this kind of top class luxurious watch

Rolex is a special case, because rolex popular models in short supply, lead to higher rolex actual prices, many times more than brand, at the same level or higher level of brand. Let’s say it’s a special case, but generally speaking, the rolex market is normal. As a mainstream luxury brand, there is nothing wrong with it.

To be objective, I found some pictures of luxury brands and watch brands. These luxury pyramids are classified by foreigners. The reason why I found several grades is because different grades have different basis. Some are based on the public price of luxury goods/watches, while others involve preservation of value. Finally, we can synthesize it and start talking about the picture (in order to prevent the words on the picture from being small and unclear, I will also give the brothers a general description).

Let’s first look at the first luxury/watch classification in foreign countries (based on the public price)

Let me just make it clear that this rating image divides luxury goods/watches into several levels, so that brothers can look at the level of the watch they are wearing and the bag they are using. I mainly cite mainstream brands, from low to high. Then let’s talk about the reasonableness of his points.

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