Ultra-thin Nixon wrist watch strong return modern history

Ultra-thin Nixon wrist watch strong return modern history

Miniaturization has always been one of the main goals of the watch making industry. With the emergence of complex chronometer and the development of wrist watch, this topic becomes more and more important. The integration of multiple functions into a single core ensures the wearability of the watch at the same time, which requires the re-construction of space. This trend, along with a desire for elegance, has fuelled the development of ultra-thin watches. Became popular in the 1960 s and 2000 s (” big “table of the popular) slightly forgotten, now slim table back strong and big tabulation brands such as Piaget earl, BVLGARI bulgari and Nixon (Cheap Nixon Watches) rushed to yan.

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The concept of the ultra-thin watch is not new, but it is the Piaget count and the iconic Altiplano wrist watch that brings it into the spotlight. In 1957, count Piaget introduced Calibre 9P, then the thinnest mechanical core. The ultra-thin hand – wound core is only 2 mm thick, and the fitted wrist watch is almost 4 mm thick. Given the lack of computer-aided equipment in those days, Calibre 9P is still seen as an incredible improvement.

A few years later, in 1960, in the same quest for thinness, the earl of Piaget launched the Calibre 12P self-winding machine core. With a thickness of 2.30mm, the rotor introduced a relatively new concept of micro-rotor. The self-winding wrist watch is usually equipped with a central pendulum. The miniature pendulum is small in size, layout and integration. Calibre 9P and Calibre 12P set the tone for decades to come and gave the earl of Piaget a reputation he still enjoys.

Ultra-thin cores are complex and fragile, and few manufacturers are willing to try, let alone succeed. However, count Piaget is not the only manufacturer involved in the field of ultra-thin products. Another notable name in the field is Jean Lassale. The Swiss watchmaker’s Calibre 1,200 is just 1.2mm thick and remains by far the thinnest mechanical core.

In order to realize the extreme thin, Calibre 1200 slam the door on the bridge plate, all of the gear train (in addition to the balance wheel) is fixed on the floor directly, box spring and gear train suspension design, is supported by ball bearings. Subsequently, Calibre 2000 with a thickness of 2.08 mm was developed successfully. These cores, made between 1976 and 1979, turned out to be very fragile (hardly repairable) and unreliable. Later, “Jean Lassale” name was sold to seiko, technical documents and the patent by the Nouvelle Lemania acquisition, which continue to Piaget earl (1210 and 2010 Lemania Lemania) and vacheron constantin (Calibre and Calibre 1170 1160) and other brand production improved versions of these movements.

After many years, the concept of the ultra-thin wrist watch returned to the center of the stage. Not surprisingly, count Piaget is to be thanked. Of course, many ultra-thin watches were produced during this period. Patek philippe has not stopped the production of Nautilus or Calatrava watches (with Calibre 324 or Calibre 240 cores), nor has the ultra-thin chronometer been abandoned in the product lines of vacherton, jadeite and eppie. In 2010, the competition for ultra-thin watches started again, and the last two years were the new golden era for ultra-thin Replica nixon watches.

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