Three models Japanese watch famous in the worldwide

Three models Japanese watch famous in the worldwide

Until now, still have a lot of people is the first watch CASIO , work in just soon to buy their first watch is still a CITIZEN of the kinetic energy of the light (CITIZEN) or SEIKO (SEIKO) mechanical watches. There was a time when Japan was the representative of the ultra-high cost performance quartz movement, and it is now on the road of advanced tables-making, and the three countries are dominating the world. The three brands have adopted three distinct marketing strategies, but the ultimate goal is the same, which is to continuously improve the market value of high-end products.

SEIKO‘s mechanical watch road.
“Our aim at this stage is to constantly improve the brand value of SEIKO.” – Shinji Hattori

Seiko Prospex Diver 300m hi-beat.
What does that mean? Because more than half of the brands currently sold in Europe and the United States are at an average price of $400, the average price of the watches sold in Japan is $1,000. For Japanese and even Asian media and collectors, the value of Grand Seiko is better understood, while for European and American consumers, the perception of brand value remains to be improved.
Grand Seiko Caliber 9S 20th Anniversary

Today in quartz watch sales accounted for about three-quarters of total brand every year, but don’t forget to SEIKO (SEIKO) is one of the few global brands can be truly from scratch, from the balance spring, Pointers to dial completely independent production watch brand.
Grand Seiko SBGH267-5

In order to show the brand value more clearly, Grand Seiko has already been an independent high-end watch brand in 2017, and the product positioning of Astron, Prospex, Presage and Premier is also clearly defined. SEIKO (SEIKO) is not only more accurate on product positioning, on the retail channel at the same time also to improve the number of brand stores, brand goal is global stores this year the number of more than one hundreds, because consumers through the brand stores can more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the brand value.

CITIZEN‘s acquisition and expansion drive.
“If we just rely on CITIZEN, we can’t meet the needs of all consumers.” – Toshio Tokura
The three countries of the Japanese watch and watch empire are striving to dominate the world.
Japan tabulation brand acquisition USA watchmakers CITIZEN (CITIZEN) is not the first, remember that in the late 1970 s SEIKO (SEIKO) is acquired a Geneva called Jean Lassale tabulation brand. And CITIZEN (CITIZEN) from 2007 m&a BULOVA (treasure way degrees) after expanding their own TAB empire, and in 2012 had La Joux – Perret tabulation workshop, share, and last year completed for FREDERIQUE CONSTANT (CONSTANT), and its brand of mergers and acquisitions.
Citizen Tsuno Chronograph
Citizen wave GPS satellite
The ultimate goal of m&a is to be able to complement each brand’s strengths to meet the different needs of more consumers. For example with Miyota movement of the intellectual property rights, brands have the ability of the mechanical movement to industrialized production, FREDERIQUE CONSTANT (CONSTANT) to CITIZEN (CITIZEN) brings the possibility of production of senior mechanical watches.
CASIO’s smart tabulation path.
“The electronic watch is the core of the whole brand, and of course only we are willing to continue to do digital watches.” – Yuichi Masuda
Casio g – shock GMW – b5000
CASIO (CASIO) was known for its calculators in 1971. As early as in 2004, the brand has been clear about the need to manufacture a watch again, this is a no matter in any corner of the world can be regulated by GPS time watch, also can pass light kinetic energy self-sufficient, and has a variety of physical sensors and associated with smart phones, but not a wrist. The brand hopes to develop itself as a leader in the field of digital watches, and will always focus on the electronic watch field, with no intention of developing mechanical watches.

The three countries of the Japanese watch and watch empire are striving to dominate the world.

Since 2012, the brand focus on building highly intelligent high-end sheet production line, with the improving of the degree of automation, now only need a few people in the normal operation of supervision, maintenance machines, the rest of the fine job to the mechanical arm, at the same time in the near future is likely to see even the figure can’t see the high-end watch line.

The three countries of the Japanese watch and watch empire are striving to dominate the world.
Highly intelligent, of course, in the production of electronic watch at the same time, the brand also to join in the high-end watch Japanese bushido elements and traditional handicraft elements, combining intelligent TAB and traditional process.
Constance is the world’s first smart wristwatch show.
Frederique Constant constable has always been brave to innovate. The brand integrates the exquisite craftsmanship of USA watchmaking and the technology of smart watch, and develops the new Hybrid Manufacture’s own smart watch. The fc-750 automatic machine is composed of mechanical and electronic parts, and is patented. It is equipped with innovative and practical core analysis function, which can be used to understand the operation status of the machine core at any time.
The world’s first smart wristwatch exhibition, consden, is the world’s first smart wristwatch show.
The brand has launched the world’s first three-generation smart wristwatch, which is equipped with a mechanical core, and makes a smart wristwatch of its own. Combining the three unique technologies, it has pioneered the USA watchmaking industry. Held prince jewellery brand specially in “constant global initiative his wrist movement intelligence” exhibition, show fake playmates toys center Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong head office, show multiple their movement and intelligent wrist watch series, let guests take the lead in a bet on this remarkable new product.
When art meetsCheap Nixon Watches the other side of the gem.
Gem, namely gem, cut, design modelling and Mosaic hind, present in beautiful work. But often happen is that some gems pushed aside, because the jeweler think their shape or colour is not perfect, cannot be used to keep improving senior jewelry creation, thus overlook the beauty of the gem raw power, can not be ignored, and inspire vitality.Cheap Nixon Watches have long realized that, in 10 years ago opened a exciting cooperation project – when art Meets originality (Artist Meets Artisan), entrust talented artists enable these beautiful but has yet to be further carved stones, creation, together with theCheap Nixon Watches designers and craftsmen to the art originality infinite originality exploration achievement.

In “Cartier foundation of contemporary art: strange scenery” China exhibition, Cheap Nixon Watches hang lung plaza boutique in Shanghai and Hong Kong plaza boutique special present four redesigned and jewel to “wake up” art installation: by Alessandro door Denny (Alessandro Mendini) design of the column ofCheap Nixon Watches, David Lynch (David Lynch) design of the gem triangle and beatrice melia ze, (Beatriz Milhazes) design of the aquarium. Another piece, created by jean-michel Alberola and first exposed this year, is “the opposite precision” to express the incredible dynamic tension of the gem itself.

These are the masterpieces of the gem story, which will be presented in the years to come. If make comparison, why cheap nixon watches becomes more popular ?

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