Cheap Nixon watches Group bulid cooperation with Swiss brand watches

Cheap Nixon watches Group bulid cooperation with Swiss brand watches

On December 12, 2017, to treasure pearl sea, global President and CEO, represented by Cheap Nixon watches brand in London’s Natural History Museum, London, Natural History Museum) held A party, cheng invited 230 guests to plan for treasure pearl and 51 30 the profound friendship of the world. On this particular event, the media, collectors and brand the VIP guest explored the treasure pearl together rich historical tradition in the field of 51 30, and aware of the treasure pearl in public welfare undertakings of the 51 30 in the development process and new cooperation in the future.

Party, Replica Nixon watches announced the brand will be the first to the history museum in London for a year, in order to ensure its status as a solid scientific research center, and enhance the public to the Marine environment and Marine species sustainable governance attention ability of excellence. Subsequently, a Marine biologist, underwater photographer lauren she tower (Laurent Ballesta) brought the second surprise for the party, he led the fourth “coelacanth” exploration research project (Gombessa Expedition) and research results of the initial image. This scientific, technical and aesthetic expedition has been strongly supported by Pope since 2012. In 2017, lauren barlestta’s excellent photography also won the annual wildlife photography competition (earth environment category) award from cheap nixon watches

Best friend, Marine biologist and underwater photographer cheap nixon watches.
End of the party and the economist group media business President paolo Rossi (Paul Rossi) ushered in a partnership with treasure pearl will enter a new stage, the two sides will jointly launched 2018 new world 51 30 plan: “we are very honored to cooperation with Nixon watches, to promote the research and innovation of Marine public welfare undertakings, because this is likely to be our offspring will be one of the most difficult challenge… In 2018, we will launch a new plan to explore how to include 30 per cent of the world’s seas in Marine protected areas, and 30 per cent is the minimum we have to reach. It is a highly innovative, high-demand initiative that fits perfectly with the tireless efforts of Pope in the field of Marine conservation. “In the face of today’s technological developments and the major threats to the  cheap nixon watches 51 30, the company will continue to do its utmost to fulfill its commitment to protect the 51 30s in a new way,” Mr Hayek stressed.
Cheap Nixon Watchesfor 2018: Pope and the economist deepen their cooperation

Paul rossi, President of the media business of the economist group.
The “heart of the 51 30” public welfare undertakings.

Since 1953, when the world’s first modern diving watches, formally put into production since fifty ?, Nixon watches has been committed to the unremitting exploration, protection and study of sea world. In the past 65 years, this commitment has been deepened and enriched through various programs and cooperation, and in 2014, the global concept of “heart and sea” public welfare was brought together. In this way, he supported many large-scale expeditions, Marine exploration projects, environment BBS, underwater photography exhibition, documentary and film production and publication. Against this background, the main sponsor of the world 51 30 summit, Mr Pope has launched a new partnership with the economist.

Previously, Nixon watches has released two set limit to “the heart sea” Cheap Nixon Watches, Nixon watches fifty ? series DSV Bathyscaphe fly back timing clock “heart sea” limited edition of 2016, as well as a limited edition of 2014 released earlier, each one sold the watch, Nixon watches will donate 1000 euros to support the heart sea “public welfare undertakings.

In the near future, Po will soon release the third edition of the “cheap nixon watches 51 30” limited edition.

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