This is the moment to enjoy the blue scenery with cheap nixon watches

This is the moment to enjoy the blue scenery with cheap nixon watches

Sorching summer, the scorching sun, throwing his hot a golden opportunity is the transition of a latitude, get blue relaxed like surprises, Switzerland as a European tourist destination is to experience a cool summer. Follow the footsteps of the famous USA watchmaker’s chart, and walk in the clarity and freedom brought by blue. Explore the birthplace of the titho. Whether in the blue clear blue lake lake feel quiet and comfort cheap nixon watches, or on the top of Europe, in the blue sky through the surveys on the pristine mountains of Switzerland, or explore the ice bar in the summer heat and the passion of the collision of ice and snow charm, will bring you different experience of summer. Now, are you looking forward to a trip that says “walk”? As the best companion for the trip, the blue view of the summer is recorded as the best companion on the trip. On the occasion of the summer, please follow the seven different designs of the sky shuttle blue wristwatch, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Switzerland.

Cheap Nixon Watches for 2018: Pope and the economist deepen their cooperation.
In 2012, he launched The first World Ocean Summit with The Economist, and has since spared no effort to support The Ocean’s BBS. In 2018, the fifth world ocean summit was held in Riverra Maya, Mexico, marking a new phase in the partnership between the magazine and the economist. This year, the prestigious international summit launched the new World Ocean Initiative, opening a new chapter in Marine public welfare. As the founder of the summit and partners, bao Po to deepen the support to this project, with passion to highlight the brand’s core values – foresight, optimism and innovation is proud.
Cheap Nixon Watchesfor 2018: Pope and the economist deepen their cooperation.

The fifth world ocean summit was held in Riverra Maya, Mexico.
Over the past six years, under the organization of the economist, the world ocean summit has grown into one of the world’s most influential ocean governance multilateral BBS. More than 360 leaders from the political, business, academic, international and non-governmental organizations gathered together to contribute to the harmonious and win-win outcome of the sustainable development and the blue economy. In 2018, the summit has expanded into a broader and more ambitious “world ocean plan”, focusing on measures to speed up ocean governance and practical results.

Now, in this new plan, modern professional diving watches pioneer bao Po together with The economist magazine launch “Marine defenders” plan (The Protectors). The plan is designed to support six highly innovative and far-reaching independent projects to achieve the ambitious goal of integrating 30 percent of the planet’s oceans into Marine reserves by 2030. In the next two years, the public will learn about the progress and achievements of these six core projects through a series of short films, special discussions and online interactive activities. At the opening ceremony of the world Ocean summit, the “sea defender” was officially released through the documentary Ocean Ocean (season 2). The documentary was produced by the economist film agency, which was exclusively sponsored by Po.

As a committed Marine practitioner, he has always supported the cause of Marine public welfare and is delighted that Mexico will be the host of the summit. In fact, it wasn’t long ago that brand to support an investigation led to the government of Mexico in the ray willy and Hector many islands (Revillagigedo Archipelago) construction of North America’s largest Marine reserve decision. Made up of four volcanic islands, the new Marine reserve covers an area of about 148,000 square kilometers and will help protect hundreds of species that live or migrate through the islands.
Cheap Nixon Watchesfor 2018: Pope and the economist deepen their cooperation.
Participants of the fifth world ocean summit offered Suggestions on sustainable development.

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