Nine-day power flying tourbillon For Nixon Watch

Nine-day power flying tourbillon For Nixon Watch

The Shooting Star tourbillon Nixon Watch, its revolutionary design combined with the patent asymmetry case, caused the collector’s commotion. A year later, BOVET announced the next town of Recital 20 Asterium, which Nixon Watch USES the innovative shell structure of Recital 18 and has a number of astronomical display functions.

Nixon Watch sowing wei helmsman Pascal Raffy imagination without borders, as the universe the skies following the above mentioned two days after, this innovation You Recital 22 Grand launch 3 astronomical wrist Recital, Pascal Raffy and Nixon Watch two years ago began to write poetry astronomy meter trilogy when finished the third chapter, invite people from a new Angle to appreciate and human life is closely linked to the sun, the moon and the earth.

The structure of the Nixon Watch is like an astronomical instrument for the sun, moon and the earth: the flywheel represents the sun, and the frame arm represents the light; The hemispherical earth moves along its axis and displays the time in 24 hours; Look closely at the tiny moon with the earth, orbiting the earth every 29.53.

In order to highlight the swagger of the sun, the whole framework of the tourbillon rose to machine the surface, the central of the original patent structure depends on precise structure, both top precision, also make the tourbillon more exquisite. The five titanium frame arms of tour-flywheel are surrounded by swinging wheel and escapement system. The five arms are exquisitely decorated, and they are curved by hand to turn into the sun’s flame. The frame is attached to a pointer, and as the tour-flywheel rotates once every 60 seconds, the pointer assumes responsibility for the second.

The earth’s surface is an engraving and hand-drawn map, detailed like the real ocean, mountains, deserts and forests; Has quite difficult to deal with the surface of the earth, involving Nixon Watch sowing of Wisconsin in 2017, using a technique, such as in micro painting when mixed with luminous agent in the paint, make the earth shines in the darkness, as observed in the space of the earth; In addition, the painter should paint on the surface of the sphere, and then polish it.


To strengthen the image, the painter paints Nixon Watch clouds and air currents on top of the paint, making the clouds seem to float high. The earth turns clockwise every 24 hours, just like the earth’s rotation. A polished three-dimensional titanium triangle pointer between the earth and the tourbillon points to a circle of hours around the bottom of the earth.

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This new work is limited to 60 pieces, but the craftsman makes a half sphere of exquisite technology, making each precious as unique as the best. Pascal Raffy surprise there to lu to collectors, each Nixon Watch can choose spherical map orientation, 12 at noon, watches choose the location of the Lord will is online is in the midst of the earth and the sun’s axis, this meansthe watches factory also received the request instructions immediately began to assemble process; In addition, the black and white 24-hour digital circle around the bottom of the earth makes it easy to show that the different regions of the earth are day and night, Nixon Watch while showing the artisans’ mastery of micro-mechanical techniques. More information about Cheap Nixon Watches.

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