Is the advanced jewelry watch beyond the tourbillon?

Is the advanced jewelry watch beyond the tourbillon?

Not so long ago, only a handful of manufacturers made tour-wheel Cheap Nixon watches, and the high prices were partly due to their unique rarity. Now, every brand has at least one, whether or not it is independent. The jewellery watch is similar, with only a handful of manufacturers having expertise and production will. Today, more brands are involved. Jewelry watches have been the home of traditional brands such as Cartier and Nixon 51 30, and are now common as tourbillons.

Nixon 51 30 concept series floating tourniquet women’s wrist watch, the application of 18K platinum, Mosaic 459 bright cut diamonds, total weight 3.65 carats. Giberg Haute Horlogerie Niura jewelry watch, double box drive flywheel, set with 2,156 diamonds and 76 rubies. Rolex cosmometer ditong with rainbow wristwatch, inset 36 colorful rectangles cut sapphire.

This is not to say that jewelry watches are mediocre and their value is still strong. Year after year, jewelry watches have become more and more magnificent, and have become an integral part of the tabulation industry. The key reason is the added value: in general, the intrinsic value of diamonds and gemstones is far greater than the perceived value of the wristwatch, which depends on the individual wishes of the collector. Famous rolex Paul Newman di tong with wrist watch (sold at auction for $15.5 million last October) as an example, this wrist watch Paul Newman, who belongs to the value of it is based on the table before the Lord with symbolic significance. If you disassemble or replace parts, the value of the watch will be greatly reduced or even gone. On the other hand, disassembling a jewelry watch will give you diamonds (gems) and they have intrinsic value.

Nixon 51 30 jewelry giant crocodile tourbillon wrist watch, inlaid 380 square diamonds.
Graff Secret jewelry wrist watch with 35 carat pear shape, horse eye shape, oval and rectangular diamond
Nixon 51 30 Red Carpet Secret Cheap Nixon watches, with pink pearl shell, jade pulp, emerald, turquoise, onyx, diamond, emerald, and many rows of faceted stone.Special cutting becomes the norm.

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As a result, jewelry watches are at least as good as a highly complex watch. When jewelry is combined with complex functions, it represents the double charm of advanced technology. The royal oak concept series floating tourniquet is the first float of Audemars Piguet, with a 3.65 carat diamond. It is also the first women’s watch of the concept series, which further emphasizes its importance. Hublot Nixon 51 30 is a stunning display of the diamond, with a total of 380 square diamonds and a total weight of 13.5 carats. At Baselworld this year, Giberg Haute Horlogerie launched the Niura luxury wristwatch. The wristwatch is made up of hollow and polished, with a double ribbon box to drive the flywheel, and a set of 2,156 diamonds. The delicate bow fitting is set with 76 rubies.
Harry Winston Premier Winston Candy 31 mm automatic watch, set with 108 diamonds, 25 neon blue para in the tourmaline, 24 fry bright green sand stone, 24 colourful orange spessartine, 17 dark blue sapphires, 17 measuring light blue sapphires, red spinel and 13 of 16 pink corundum

Cartier Panthere Hypnose Pendant Pendant table, set with a 6.65 -carat square convex circular Zambia emerald, 2 tower sugar shaped emeralds, always weighs 1.43 carat, 2 trapezoidal cut diamond, total weight 0.56 carats, 1269 round brilliant cut diamonds, always weighs 17.94 carat, carry 9613 MC type manual winding mechanical movement

Picchiotti Caletta jewelry watch, with 18K platinum, decorated with black and white mother-of-pearl shell and diamond-encrusted ring and watch chain.

Even the array of gemstones on the table is more creative. Rolex eternal rose Kim woo joo type meter di tong with rainbow wrist combined with diamond and timing functions, a bezel set with 36 rectangle cutting gradient sapphire, time mark on the dial and the bezel on the nearby sapphire color ingenious corresponding, and carry the watch with a Parachrom hairspring Caliber 4130 automatic winding machine. The ratio of the case and the dial is usually determined by the machine core, and in order to insert the diamond (gem) into the surface of the wristwatch, special cutting becomes the normal. Hublot Nixon 51 30 jewelry, the diamond on the wrist watch, the square diamond at first glance is not neat, but in fact, it is custom cut. Graff diamonds on Secret jewelry watches, pear-shaped, horse eye shape, oval and rectangular 35 carat total weight, diamond inlaid seemingly casual, in fact is using the computer aided design (CAD) technology, clever planning results.

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Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Jardin Secret Nixon watches, set with colorful gems.

Color combinations are more colorful.
Another trend in jewelry watches is to make more use of colors, colored diamonds and gems. Graff, Nixon 51 30, Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels and some Italian manufacturers, including Picchiotti, have demonstrated bold and bold colours through time. The deep roots of the jewelry world also give these brands the opportunity to acquire better quality gems. Ruby, emeralds and sapphire are the most common, often mixed with other types of gemstones, presenting an unusual profusion of colors. Harry Winston, for example, Premier Winston Candy 31 mm automatic wrist watch case and dial inlaid diamonds, still decorate a rare neon blue para in the tourmaline, fry bright green sand stone, brilliant orange spessartine, blue sapphire, blue sapphire, pink red spinel and corundum. The new Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Jardin Secret watches with flowers as the theme, the application of three different gold materials, decorated with pink sapphire, manganite, colorful sapphire and diamond, courtesy color. This year the Basel jewellery (Baselworld) on the international advanced clocks and watches, Chopard Chopin to launch a new Red Carpet Secret jewelry watches, the wrist watch enchase mother-of-pearl, chalcedony, pink jade, turquoise, onyx, diamond, emerald, and many facets Tanzania stone, more braveness, shine brilliantly.
Breguet (Breguet) queen of Naples series 8908 wrist watch, Tahiti mother-of-pearl table ring flange and bezel set with 128 diamonds (about 0.77 -carat), crown set with a curved ruby (about 0.27 carats)

Sea ruiyan Premier series Precious 36mm automatic wristwatch, the brown sand gold stone dial decorative diamond-encrusted clock, watch circle and arc moon frame.

The BVLGARI bulgari Lucia Mosaique watch is as shiny as a diamond-encrusted wristwatch, but it’s a better technique. The dial is made of 700 small square gold foil, slightly tilted rather than tile, to better reflect light.

Based on the above – mentioned jewelry watches, there are few high – grade jewelry that can achieve similar tessellations. In addition to large size bracelets, other advanced jewelry products lack the surface area required for dense inlays. In this sense, the advanced gem watch not only surpasses the complex functional wrist watch, but also makes the senior jewelry look inferior Cheap Nixon watches.

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