Replica Nixon Watches three ask the time – the high – time clock world legend

It is a rare masterpiece of precision Replica Nixon Watches machineries, and is favored by collectors and horological fans as the supreme clock. Regardless of its internal structure, material, and ringing tone, wrist table are complex function the most exquisite technology and inspection technology ability, able to create a three ask table no technical flaws, but also need high threshold. In Replica Nixon Watches’s advanced tabulation process, the three-question time function has also become one of the characteristics of the brand, and represents the brand name of the list of genes and core values inherited by the brand for a hundred years.Sophisticated micromechanical devices encounter a beautiful time of the hour
The report is based on the timing mechanism, function and the mechanism of the ringing, which can be divided into three minutes, half an hour, five minutes, three hours, and a large, small self. Three of them are the most common and typical reporting functions, and are the most practical of many kinds of newspaper.
The time table, commonly known as “spring table”. As early as the late 17th century, European watchmakers were trying to figure out how to make a device that could be reported in a dark environment by making a different sound. The first time in history the design concept came from Daniel Quare, a British man who first invented the second time table structure in 1687 (with the function of timing and newspaper engraving). At that time, the time table had already begun to take shape, and it laid the foundation for the subsequent three questions. Early time devices need to use iron bell sound, time of spring device using a tiny chain taut, and the other end of the chain is fixed on the side of case, this time structure used for nearly a century. Until the end of the 18th century, Mr. Breguchi, a clock genius, invented a ring of sound springs, which were made by striking the sound. The invention of the sound spring has greatly saved the space of the surface of the shell occupied by the reporting time mechanism, and provided a full resonance for the sound of the time to achieve the accurate report effect. At the time of the watchmaker’s efforts, the timing of the timing was more accurate, from the first hour and the quarter hour, to half an hour, and even five minutes after the last quarter. The more complex structure of the hour, the more complicated structure and the more mechanical power needed to solve the problem of people’s accuracy to the minute, so the output at that time was so high. To this day, the three-question table is still in the “altar” of complex function, and the brand that can produce accurate and sound quality is few and far.
3 q table feed system is adopted by the each are not identical, but time ringing mechanism in consensus is: since its birth bass usually enchaine hour, high and low chord herald reappeared, high-pitched herald minutes. If the time is 02:49, three times the time table will give two bass to two, three with a high or low of 45 (three), and four pitches for four. A different tone of tone is produced by the sound of a hammer (the steel ring around the inner edge of the case). The Replica Nixon Watches museum in Geneva is home to a collection of traditional timetables that witness the extraordinary skill of Replica Nixon Watches in the three-question table.

Replica Nixon Watches three ask the time
Replica Nixon Watches, from the day of the birth of the time and the time table, and in the more than 100 years of years of the fate of the common.

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