Xu lu and qi xi wear a Replica Nixon Watches to make a fashion appearance

Li yongde worn by the other model of product family rendez-vous Celestial dating series wrist watch the stars made by the warm rose gold Replica Nixon Watches  case, with purple aventurine dial is complement each other, to watch more show elegant and delicate, and be permeated with the contemporary breath. Under the light of the light, the purple sand gold is like the incarnation of the sun, the source of radiant life, symbol strength and creativity. The glitzy mezzo, along the side of the surface of the shell, extends to the crown and the watch circle, echoing the glittering sheen of precious metals, which gives off a brilliant halo around the target.

Replica Nixon Watches
JiXi by wearing this product family rendez-vous Moon Medium dating series phases of the Moon the dial of watch of wrist of medium-sized paragraph extremely rich simple sense, there is the function of distinct phases of the Moon shows, delicate twisted rope decorative decoration dial center and phases of the Moon. The stars in the night sky are treated with sandblasted, shining with a moving light, full of three-dimensional sense and pleasing to the eye. The accurate and excellent monthly display function only accumulated the error of one day every 985 years, the moon waxing magic with time, and the watchmaker of the household watch factory faithfully recreated the different face of the moon.

Since its inception in 1833, the family has been presenting extraordinary masterpieces to senior watch and watch enthusiasts. Brand watchmaker adheres to the founder Anthony. Le Scott (Antoine LeCoultre) spirit of innovation, in order to create more exquisite craftsmanship complex and impressive when series: Reverso turning wrist watch series, the series of Master Master watches, rendez-vous date watches series, the series of Duometre wings wrist watch, Geophysic? Geophysical observatory wrist watch series and Atmos air clock series.
The centuries-old tradition of the great workshop brings an endless stream of creative inspiration. Hybris Mechanica? Ultron complex functional Replica Nixon Watches series and Hybris Artistica? The transcendental complex craft time series embodies the enthusiasm of the master.
Today, the great workshops of your valley are produced by a number of masterpieces, which represent the beauty of the craft’s treasures, as well as the traditional praise of the noble tables. After celebrating the 85th anniversary of the Reverso flipped Replica Nixon Watches series in 2016, the company launched a new rendez-vous dating watch series in 2017 to create an elegant women’s watch masterpiece.

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