The measuring Speed For Cheap Nixon watches

The measuring speed of Cheap Nixon watches is The time watches of The number of 500/400/350 of The watches. The physical quantity of These representatives is The speed, and The unit is kilometers per hour. This watches circle is called TACHYMETER (TACHYMETER).

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How to use Cheap Replica Nixon watches Speed:
Use methods to take vehicles on The highway as an example, because There is a vertical bar on The highway. When The stopwatch is started at The starting point, The second watch is timed from 12 o ‘clock. When moving 1 km, stop The clock, The figure is The average speed of The first kilometer.
So for example, you have 60 at The 12 point, because you go 1 kilometer in a minute, so it’s 60 km/h.
How do The Numbers correspond to The Numbers on The watches circle? It’s actually quite simple. You know The 500 should be in that position? So you have to do a simple division; That’s how much time it takes to drive 1 km at 500 kilometers per hour, and that’s in seconds.
1 hour =3600 seconds, so 500 km needs 3600 seconds. According to The iso-ratio principle, The time required for 1 km is 3600/500=7.2 seconds, so 500 must be The 7.2 seconds etched in The dial. For The same reason, 400 should be carved in 3600/400=9 seconds, while 100 is in 36 seconds.
When The speed is less than 60 km/h, The speedometer cannot be used directly unless it increases The low speed scale

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