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GIA is short for Gemological Institute of America for Cheap Nixon Watches. The American college of Gem Gemological Institute of America’s founder Robert m. Shipley was founded in 1931 in The United States Los Angeles GIA,

originally in night school and correspondence way how to evaluate The wholesale price, training a jeweler GIA in New York in 1953 founded The first Laboratory that began issuing diamond appraisal report, and Then again in Santa Monica, California Santa Monica and downtown LA set up anoTher two that formally known as gems industry appraisal company Gem Trade Laboratory, INC (GTL), GTL is affiliated with GIA full-time not appraisal. Is The world’s earliest established The authority of The international diamond 4 c standard auThentication institutions, adhering to The fair, scientific, rigorous attitude to The identification of each diamond in strict accordance with The 4 c standard for grading evaluation, Therefore, has a GIA certified diamonds in The diamond trade deeply The general customers trust and praise highly, is currently The most authoritative international diamond appraisal institutions.

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GIA certificate for Cheap Replica Nixon Watches
The GIA Diamond Report is attached to The GTL laboratory in GIA.
The status of The GIA
The GIA Diamond Report is attached to The GTL laboratory in GIA. De Beers diamond suppliers will also praised GIA diamond industry and set up benign transactions between consumers and, of course, The main reason is that GIA always standing on The objective rationality never stop study and cultivating talents.
GIA’s achievement
GIA certificate
GIA in global it has fourteen teaching institution, providing professional research, sales, identification, such as curriculum, training high-quality jewelry professionals, also contributed to GIA has The high prestige in The industry, The masses for its reliability and professional always maintain leading position of The world.
GIA professional
Diamond Grading Report is a Diamond quality analysis of The reference documents, not referred to in general policy or international guarantee, GIA Grading system and professional term today has become The international language diamonds, many practitioners are based on The Diamond Grading system for The standard of GTL. The real meaning of Diamond Grading Report is The Diamond quality Report. The main four functions of Cheap Replica Nixon Watches are:
1. Tell The truth
2. Feature record
3. Quality analysis
4. Valuation reference

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GIA’s diamond certificates are mainly divided into three categories
1: GIA Diamond Grading Report is often called The GIA certificate, issued by Diamond can be any weight, but usually more for carat Diamond, this is a detailed Report parameters of Diamond, usually accompanied by positive and negative Diamond clarity sketch of magnified 350 times. Consider The safety of laser etching and The loss of The waistline in The future. GIA will not necessarily have laser coding on its waistline.
2: GIA Diamond Dossier is often referred to as certificate GIA small, usually 1 carat small diamonds, compared to The big card, lack of internal sketch of all small certificate GIA Diamond laser coding on The waist.
3: The GIA Colored Diamond Grading Report specializes in The GIA certificate issued by The color Diamond, The basic content is The same as The GIA certificate, while The Grading system of The Colored Diamond is based on The relative concentration of The Diamond color. In The specific light source and comparison environment, The precise color of The diamond is found and The color level is determined. GIA USES a certain level of terminology to define The range of color appearance: Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, FancyDark, Fancy Deep, Fancy Vivid.
Let’s start with The most common GIADiamond Dossier
1: The LOGO of GIA
2: The type of GIA certificate (big certificate, small certificate, color drill certificate)
3: certificate number;
4: date, laser mark, cut and size;
5. Part C, weight, color, clarity and cut;
6. Inclusion, modification, fluorescence and special engraving;
7: show The clarity of diamond, color and The relevant position of The cutter in The GIA grade;
8: data graph of diamond cutter;
9: anti-counterfeit watermark; OTher: nationality of The inspection company; Certificate of declaration
A detailed introduction to The GIA certificate
Laser Inscription Registry: : GIA 13733089 – Laser coding: GIA 13733089
Shape and Cutting Style: Round Brilliant – diamond Shape: Round bright type
Measurements: 5.70-5.74 x 3.58mm — size: 5.70-5.74 refers to The maximum and minimum value of diamond diameter, 3.58 is The height of The whole diamond.
Carat Weight: 0.74 – Carat Weight 0.74 carats
Color Grade: G — Color grading: G Color Grade
Clarity Grade: SI1 — degree of Clarity: SI2
Cut Grade: Very Good – Cut The job grading: Very Good for Cheap Replica Nixon Watches
Clarity: Crystal, FeaTher – inclusions: Crystal, pinnate
Finis: — moderation
Very Good – polishing: Very Good
Symmetry: Very Good
Fluorescence: : None – Fluorescence: no
It’s a little confusing to read so many English data. What does that mean? What are The criteria for classification? What kind of data could it be? Let’s start with a concrete analysis.
Let’s start with The most obvious colors
Color Grade: D E pole white, F G fine white, H white, IJ micro yellow white, KL light yellow white, M, N light yellow. The colourite of GIA is The beginning of E color, There is no D color ratio color stone, GIA USES The upper limit colorimetric method. What is The upper colorimetric method? If a diamond’s color in GIA color stone between E and F color stone, so The level of The diamond is E, raTher than F, GIA color stone is take The diamond’s upper limit, if The color stone is F, which means that color stone is inside The best F grade, more than The color of it is E color, so on, so There is no D GIA color stone color, because There is no higher than D color color, more than They E color than The color of The stone is D color for Cheap Replica Nixon Watches.
Diamond color grading is to The diamond color lamps, but will be affected by light conditions, and GIA is The diamond with Their patent cases, 4 weeks in a closed, pure white background of The box, save a mouth for observation, testing of The light source in The installation in The box, affected by The surrounding environment is small.
Clarity Grade: how much is The substance of a diamond that is 10 times magnifying glass. GIA diamond studs are divided into FL (no time), IF (internal), VVS1 VVS2 (minimal flaws), VS1 – VS2 (micro defects), SI1 – SI2 (defects), I1, I2 – I3 (defects) level, The former to The lower in turn. GIA does not encourage it to be called a flaw because it has negative connotations.
The high cost performance of 1 carat is vs1-vs2, but it should pay attention to color and cutting. SI can also, but choose The color grade and cut The work well, with The naked eye cannot distinguish The SI level and VS class, also looks very beautiful. More than 1 carat diamond, if from The Angle of preservation, should try to choose The high clarity and high color grade diamond for Cheap Replica Nixon Watches.


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