How does GIA make Cheap Nixon watches cut classification

GIA through The accumulation of many years of research and data analysis, introduced The present one of The most perfect set of cutters grading evaluation system method, GIA as The ancestor of diamond grading for Cheap Nixon watches, from The end of 05 after launch diamond cut classification, bring to The market and consumers more simple and obvious judge standard about The diamond, GIA cut Cheap Replica Nixon watches classification also need a lot of have The aid of special equipment can be done.

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Therefore EX – especially The 3EX GIA certificate of The diamond, indeed from The shape or The overall feel is perfect. Moderation (Finish) : evaluation of The last process of polishing The diamond. There are two contents: surface polishing and symmetry. Polish is mainly used to determine wheTher There is an obvious WHEEL MARK or BURN MARK. The evaluation of polishing is: EXCELLENT, VERY GOOD, GOOD, FAIR and POOR.
Symmetry (Symmetry) : a piece of content that The cutter evaluates. In evaluation is divided into main and to evaluate The secondary, primary symmetry defect no significant influence on diamond appearance, secondary symmetry defect of beautiful appearance and value.
The main symmetry defects include: The outline of The waist, The eccentricity, The center of The base, The wavy waist or The inclined Cheap Nixon watches Size. The GIA diamond classification system is divided into EXCELLENT perfect, VERY GOOD, GOOD, FAIR and POOR. Fluorescence (Fluorescence) : The Fluorescence reaction is that The diamond is stimulated by external energy, and usually refers to The color light that occurs when exposed to ultraviolet light.
It is divided into five grades: NONE, FAINT, MEDIUM, STRONG, VERY STRONG. Among Them, The FAINT does not record its fluorescence response color.
Fluorescence microknowledge
The fluorescence of diamond is natural phenomenon, blue fluorescence can enhance The bright white degree of diamond, yellow fluorescence may reduce whiteness, so The diamond with fluorescence also wants to see which kind of light. A blue fluorescent diamond is better than no fluorescent diamonds appear more white under same color level, The blue light will be a little more at The time of The fire, but it depends on The size of The diamond and fluorescence intensity. International diamond color, for sure, is to deduct off some Blue fluorescent whitening grades, that is if two diamonds are F color, one has a Strong Blue fluorescence, are all The same international institutions certificate, very large may be have The original color of The fluorescence of The diamond is higher than The oTher no fluorescence. But The yellow fluorescence is The opposite. The national gem testing center in China does not comment on The fluorescence, and most of The diamonds sold on The market today are not specified, except for international certificates.
Clarity Characteristics: internal features of some natural diamonds.


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