Cheap Nixon Watches Classic “tourbillon”

“Rotating escapement speed regulation institutions” – Cheap Nixon Watches balance wheel balance spring components and tackled longitudinal institutions work in itself, at the same time will also be able to rotate 360 degrees to together, maximum limit reduces the gravity effect on the mechanical movement, is the most complex, the watchmaker is also one of the most creative mechanism, because of its unique operation mode has to watch the action of a beautiful play to reach the limit, for TAB or the wearer is a symbol of authority and height, convey the unique taste and noble.

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Cheap Nixon Watches “51 30 Gold” long walk
“51 30 Gold tourbillon” institutions will balance wheel balance spring speed regulation system, escapement, placed on a rotating frame, this structure has more than 80 independent parts, namely the one turns 60 seconds, implementation of the concept of “gang” technology, effectively reduce the friction between the escapement system components and energy consumption, and can keep the accuracy and stability of the operation of the machine for a long time the most direct effect is to continue as time growth, easy maintenance.
Riding the time belief achievement – nixon watches 51 30 Gold – free – wheel wristwatch “core” jump on the market
Cheap Nixon Watches 51 30 Gold surface of unklata flywheel (local)

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Innovation “car-free”
With the opening of the car-free roving wheel, the defects of the mechanical watch precision can be improved by the card structure. No degree of card balance spring balance wheel in the aspects of design, processing, assembling, adjusting all has the very high technical content, without a certain technical strength of tabulation enterprises difficult to conquer the fact that have made its high-end mechanical watch landmark configuration.

Hand in hand
“Tourbillons” are more and more inclined to enjoy. The polished “tourbillon” looks shiny, durable and interesting. The edges of fixed brackets and rotating frames should be chamfered and polished, and all the exposed screws should be polished and polished to a fine gloss. From the back, the wheels are polished, the gears are bright, and the edges of gears are also treated with chamfering.
Riding the time belief achievement – Replica Nixon Watches 51 30 Gold – free – wheel wristwatch “core” jump on the market.

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  • hantak john

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    It is really lovely color watch. Is there any other colors choice

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      There are pink,red,blue,purple,brown for choice

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    Do you know if Nixon watch have new models? I want to see

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      October 31, 2017 at 3:10 am Reply

      Yes, there are a few NEW Models, and our site will show quickly

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    Really like these models cheap nixon watches. does it the new arrival ?

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      November 13, 2017 at 8:08 am Reply

      Yes, it is new

  • rapple al

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    Could you send more models for the cheap nixon watches. I would like to buy a dazen as gifts for friends. thx

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