Introduce The Cheap nixon watches inner circle and outer ring

Divers likes to carry a small amount of oxygen tanks, in order to reduce The Watches weight of The Cheap nixon Watches underwater, but related to The Cheap nixon Watches size of The Watches different levels of oxygen and oxygen bomb, so who is familiar with The Watches diving equipment with measuring The Watches amount of oxygen device, diving watches duly strengThe Watchesned this need. The Watches rotary outer ring can be regarded as The Watches biggest feature of The Watches diving watches, which serves as a reminder of The Watches diving time. The Watches marking scale of The Watches rotary watches circle is 15, 30 and 45, because The Watches oxygen cylinder of general diving can only hold up to 45 minutes, and some are marked with 60 minutes.

cheap nixon watches
cheap nixon watches

The Watches first 15 minutes are colored or specially marked, as The Watches divers strictly observe a 15-minute safety stop during ascent to fully release The Watches nitrogen absorbed from The Watches cylinders. Usually, when you are diving, turn Cheap nixon Watches circle, align The Watches zero on The Watches circle of The Watches watch, and The Watchesn look at The Watches scale on The Watches corresponding watches circle to know The Watches time of The Watches diving. Of course you also can use The Watches countdown, first of all know your diving time, turn The Watches circle watches minute scale on The Watches minute hand, The Watchesn The Watches minute hand reach The Watches zero calibration time is The Watches time you dive, that is The Watches position of The Watches zero calibration is your diving time limit.


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      It is avialable for sample cheap nixo watches before wholesale. The sample cost is $68

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      Hi Sir, yes, Many new models of cheap nixon watches will come soon

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