How does a watch brand correspond to a car brand?

I have only one original intention, which is to write a useful and interesting watch content for you in the best of my ability. It can be used to solve practical problems or provide references for players. Or interesting, to give you some knowledge of the watch or to have fun. So today I want to talk to you about a very interesting thing, the positioning of the watch brand and the car brand.

The above image shows the watch brand and the car brand that appeared in the circle of friends recently (the picture of the network screenshot), I think many are inaccurate.

Most of my circle of friends is selling watches and watches, and in the previous period, a picture of a watch brand and a car brand corresponded to my circle of friends refresh. This is a picture that I think you might have seen. It claims to be “this is the exact positioning of the car brand and the watch brand”. It lists the various watches and car brands from Replica nixon, Rolls-Royce, and rolex. It claims to be accurate, but I think many of them are inaccurate in the future. I took this picture also discussed with some friends, although such a subjective thing there is no “standard answer”, but still people can reach a consensus on the part of the brand, so I write some consensus brand corresponding, think of no and no corresponding, brothers then discuss then chat and car I know is limited, just look at you.

Rolex watches– mercedes-benz
Rolex DAY DATE 228238 and Mercedes s-class
The rolex corresponds to Mercedes, which should be all right. Rolex’s place in the world of watches is exactly the same as Mercedes’s position in the automotive world. Rolex is not the top brand in the watch world, but rolex’s influence in the watch world is one of the best. If rolex says he’s old, who else would say he’s the boss? Likewise, Mercedes is not the top brand in the car, but Mercedes’s influence in luxury cars is unmatched by other brands. Bentley is more expensive than Benz, Rolls-Royce is more expensive than Mercedes, but the standard in people’s mouth is always s-class. At price, rolex and Mercedes are also very similar. The bar for rolex and Mercedes is not high, with tens of thousands of pieces of steel, A class A of 200, 000, and A lot of people can get it. At the same time, go up, gold head gold chain inlaid with gem of DAY DATE, ditona; Mercedes s-class and big G are all symbols of identity and strength. Even if rolex, Mercedes and the top brands are put together, they will not be inferior. In addition, rolex, Mercedes and the same brand are more expensive than the same brands, and I won’t say a rolex. Mercedes is more expensive than audi or BMW.

replica watches

Nixon watches — Rolls-Royce
Replica nixon 5130 and Rolls-Royce phantom
Replica nixon versus Rolls-Royce, I don’t think it’s a problem. Replica nixon is “watch king”, “blue blood nobility”. Replica nixon is one of the top watch brands, and has dominant position in the traditional tabulation field and market. Rolls-Royce is the best and most luxurious car on the planet, and a collection of luxury cars, including bentley, has been trying to reach the heights of the city, but none has succeeded. Replica nixon is the same, many top watch brands want to challenge Replica nixon, but the market says everything. Replica nixon’s hot money has always been a table hard to beg, super public price, other competitors still can not keep up with Replica nixon. Replica nixon and Rolls-Royce are so similar that the PP and RR are a natural match.


Omega – audi
Omega zao and audi’s new generation A8
Omega is a “mortal enemy” of rolex, and audi is the enemy of Mercedes. All say that audi is the “lamp factory” technology route. Matrix LED headlights, MMI system, QUATTRO 4 drive are high – tech. Omega is now the most technically dense watch in the world of clocks. It is the most powerful anti-magnetic technology. Omega coaxial escapement is the traditional lever escapement, the only mass production of new escapement mechanism. Ceramic sheet ring and liquid metal ring are now used in the new type of water table on omega and popper. The omega is now a recognised “techno-mania” for players, and for now, the watch should not technically surpass the omega. At the same time, audi’s price is very similar to the price of omega, which is a relatively modest price in luxury cars and luxury watches. Get what many people can buy and use. At the same time, in high-end positioning, audi has A6, A7, A8, omega has dark side of moon, full Venus. The image says omega to the lexus, how could omega be a lexus, clearly audi.

Seiko GS — lexus
Seiko GS 44GS and lexus ES
GS should have no objection to the lexus, which comes from Japan and is a luxury brand. Seiko GS billed as the “Oriental rolex” (although is far from reaching the height of the rolex), seiko GS and rolex the thinking of some similar, with accurate and practical give priority to, walking with good workmanship and precision, the accuracy of + / – 5 3 observatory in Switzerland. GS has been evaluated as the “most advanced commodity” and I feel very reasonable. At present, GS has been isolated from the seiko and become an independent luxury watch brand. Lexus is Toyota’s luxury brand and GS is the luxury brand of seiko. Lexus has the luxury of saving fuel in a luxury car, which goes well with GS’s high quality products.

Wanguo — BMW
Wanguo travel calendar and BMW 7 series
Corresponding to the nations and BMW, at first I didn’t think of this combination, a friend later said the IWC for BMW, International Watch Company in the International Watch Company of Bavarian Motor Work the Bavarian engine manufacturer, the collocation of how, I listen to, that makes sense. Drive a BMW, take a Mercedes, BMW pay attention to is sports, control, the man likes. At one point, there was a slogan for men, with mark and big flying a soaring watch, which was exactly the same as BMW’s blue sky and white clouds and aero engines. I think the analogy makes sense, as the former says, rolex, wanguo and omega are equivalent to the domestic BBA. Rolex, BMW, omega audi.

In addition to the above some corresponding watches and car outside, here I put some I think corresponds to the appropriate and inappropriate need to adjust the list, find corresponding does not reach the designated position, please comment.

Richard mille — bugatti
Sapphire watch case Richard mille and a new generation of bugatti veyron
Richard mille is a good match for bugatti. Richard mille is one of the top sports watches in the world, and there’s no other sports watch that’s more upscale than Richard mille. Bugatti is the world’s fastest mass-produced car, and there is no mass-produced sports car comparable to bugatti. Top to top, Richard mille corresponds to bugatti.

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