What is the success of Mechanical watch industry standard model ETA

The name of ETA is everywhere, but what is it? A: it’s not just a manufacturer. Industry experts often pronounce it as a word – Eta – not E.T.A. ETA is not a Spanish separatist group ETA (Basque Euskadi ta Askatasuna, or ETA), but a subsidiary of swatch, the world’s largest watchmaker which include Replica nixon 51 30 watches.

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ETA machine core, quartz and machinery; There is a complete set and a zero match. We supply group brands and external customers of the group. It is a strong, largely independent, diversified company, and it is difficult to define scale and scope accurately. To be sure, ETA is everywhere in the watch industry, and its position is indispuwatch for cheap nixon watches.

Of the many Swiss watchmakers, only 50 have the ability to make their own, and most are not fully autonomous. And ETA is by far the largest of hundreds of other players who can only ask for professional manufacturers. Swatch group, most of the brands are not homemade machine core, tissot, longines, beauty, swatch, trades, Hamilton and Flik Flak is ETA customers, all add up to tens of millions of pieces. ETA also makes most of the machine for omega, some of which are exclusive to the brand. Like all other core manufacturers, ETA has a ready-made product catalog, but also commissioned customization.

ETA supplies the swatch supply, which includes an entry-level automatic mechanical core
The product catalog covers all the most popular core styles, including six legendary models: 2824, 2892, 2894, 6498, 7001 and 7750. Then there are large variations of large sizes designed for modern ultra-large wristwatches, as well as other variants that integrate complex functional modules. In the case of mechanical core, there are also some sizes or smaller models. ETA has also produced more than 100 different types of quartz, most of which are simulated, and a few are digital.
The advantage of ETA comes first from history. In all the tumult and turmoil of the 20th century, many core-makers merged with other wristwatch parts manufacturers or were forced to merge to survive. ETA is A group of Valjoux, Unitas, Peseux, Tavannes, and Ebauches SA (FHF and A.), which are well-known in the field of antique watches.
ETA headquarters in Granges, Switzerland
Another advantage of ETA is its complex industrial structure. By taking over assets from other companies, ETA has a number of production bases. It’s not a problem, it’s an advantage. The company has a strong appeal in all of Switzerland’s workforce, so it can hire high-quality, productive, and geographically swatch employees. This is why remote places such as Franches Montagnes and Vallee DE Joux can become global centres of excellence.
The third reason for ETA’s strength is that it is itself a core part of the industrial framework of the swatch group. ETA through a sister company to achieve self-sufficiency, and the latter are often the product of continuous acquisition, such as Nivarox FAR (balance wheel and hair spring, escapement and screw), Comadur (gem), magnet, EM Microelectronic (integrated circuit) and the Micro Crystal (electronic oscillator).

ETA is developing products for the swatch group’s brands, such as this one, which is equipped with a guide wheel, which is built for longqin
Like all other large physical industries, ETA has a “weight” culture. ETA of profit and the price is the direct result of high yield, high yield to within the scope of the short, medium and long term, in an unprecedented large data overview from the point of view of industry, find out the defects and bottlenecks in the production chain. This analysis goes all the way back to the core designers, who will continue to improve on their experience and improve the reliability of their products. Now, ETA has been able to offer under 500 Swiss francs for a machine that has been certified by the official Swiss observatory.
However, ETA’s real influence comes from its technical heritage. When the mechanical watch began to recover in the mid-1990s, ETA was the only manufacturer capable of delivering relatively cheap mechanical cores, winning many customers. In the 2000s, before the swatch group reached its peak, management decided to exercise some power by extending its reach. They have announced that ETA will reduce the supply of empty core (unassembled cores). The blank machine core is the basis of tabulating industry and the raw material of watchmaker. On the basis of white space, the watchmaker has his own unique mark. The ETA is becoming more expensive, while maintaining market competitiveness and market share.

Unitas 6498 standard core polishing example
ETA has the DE facto standard for the Swiss watchmaking industry: 2824, 2892 and 7750. In the public sphere, ETA has a wealth of experience and expertise that can make it faster and faster than its rivals. The ETA machine core has a variety of different embellishment, from the simple finishing of the entry level, to the exquisite embellishment of the advanced style, even though it is the machine rather than the artificial means. If needed, almost all of the cores can be tested by the COSC Swiss official observatory.
The ETA machine is cloned and improved by competitive manufacturers, which are also Sellita’s most successful. The difference between the two is small, and that’s the point. Customer brands can be replaced by supply and price, without changing the dial, case, pointer or process. Today, while there are alternatives, and other manufacturers ensure that the base is supplied, these suppliers always see ETA as a model for industry standards, and a model for the manufacturer.

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