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What is the success of Mechanical watch industry standard model ETA

The name of ETA is everywhere, but what is it? A: it’s not just a manufacturer. Industry experts often pronounce it as a word – Eta – not E.T.A. ETA is not a Spanish separatist group ETA (Basque Euskadi ta Askatasuna, or ETA), but a subsidiary of swatch, the...

A new BR v2-94 Black Steel Black Steel wristwatch

Recently, a new BR v2-94 Black Steel Black Steel wristwatch (model: brv294-bl-st/SST) was introduced. Stainless steel watchcase 41 mm in diameter, after grinding and polishing processing, watch circle adornment black anodized aluminium insert and accelerometer calibration, anti-dazzle arc sapphirine crystal, screw-plug crown and timing button. It is equipped with...

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