Retro modern “core” of Replica Nixon watches

Replica Nixon watches restoring ancient ways with a unique design concept of this Summit smart watches, USES the high quality stainless steel and titanium watchcase modern style watchband collocation, when worn, can experience the super mechanical watches, inspire love design restoring ancient ways the vanguard of the younger generation of power.

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The award-winning Nixon watches 51 30 wristwatch is an important source of inspiration for the smart wristwatch: the 46mm large-size case and the classic dial design, which is a digital reproduction of the 51 30 series of watches. The 51 30 series of watches contains exquisite and unique retro style design and Swiss advanced tabulating process. With the advent of the new Summit smart watch, Nixon watches’s pioneering spirit has opened up new territory, and the pointer display of the watch is fully integrated with digital display which same as cheap rolex watches.

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Strong features of shiny features

The Nixon watches Summit smartwatches, with an ultra-high contrast of 1.39 inch large AMOLED display, presents a vivid color that provides an excellent visual experience for the wearer. In addition, the AMOLED display is covered with vaulted sapphire crystal glass, which is the first in the field of smart wristwatches.
The Nixon watches Summit smart watch USES an all-touch screen. Each wrist watch reaches the IP68 maximum connector waterproof level, which is sufficient to cope with the waterproof and dustproof demand in daily life. The wristwatch is also equipped with a microphone for voice commands and several sensors: heart rate monitoring (which is provided by Nixon watches’s special application), steps and movement monitoring; Gyroscope and compass provide wrist watch positioning function; The barometer provides an altitude measurement function; Ambient light sensors enable the wristwatch to automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the surrounding environment.
This smart watch can be charged through the micro USB port of the magnetic Nixon watches charging base, which reflects the modern feeling. Supports wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity with 4GB flash memory. When the device is in the microlight mode, the display will always be bright, even if the wearer doesn’t interact with the wrist watch, the wrist watch will keep the aesthetic feeling.

Preset applications open the box to enjoy the special and convenient experience.Nixon watches Summit intelligent wrist watch with android Wear ™ 2.0 operating system, support is connected with the iOS and android smartphones, and optional simplified Chinese operation interface. The Nixon watches Summit smart watch has partnered with popular apps such as travel, commerce and fitness in China, which are truly customized for Chinese market users.
Preset number of popular apps include: alipay, online payment, mobile payment preferred, with smart wristwatch to complete quick payment easily; Keep as a leading fitness application, provide multiple sports data analysis and motivational tools to help users optimize daily exercise and physical activity. The public comments make it possible for joy to reach out and find the perfect place to experience food, entertainment and shopping in time. Ctrip can help users to plan their journey, including air tickets, hotels, train tickets, sightseeing Tours and one stop. Didi chuxing, quick call, quick arrival; Amber weather, user’s private exclusive weather station, has beautiful interface and daily, hourly accurate weather forecast.

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