Nixon MISSION Movement part of the tourbillon, strictly speaking

This part may not be called movement, because it is a body, with case for Nixon at no cost to all kinds of pile top technology on the watch, just to make this watch more expensive and more detached attitude.For these reasons, I will show you a few replica Nixon watches from two aspects. After all, there is no shortage of Nixon in the rich social circle, and no one has a few “hao” friends. And I’ll show you some of the top technologies that Nixon used to make his watch so valuable.The rich don’t necessarily wear Nixon, but Nixon must be rich.

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Rolex and patek philippe are great watches, rolex and patek philippe can be expensive, but Nixon is in a much more detached position. If you look at the price of watches, the entry price and the average price, Nixon is in a better position than patek philippe, at the peak of the clock world. We can use a car example to illustrate. We know that Mercedes is a very good and luxurious car, and we know that the position of Rolls-Royce is unparalleled. Nixon is in Rolls-Royce’s position (though many use foMISSIONula one to describe Nixon). Nixon filled the gap of clocks and watches in the world of extreme luxury activity, in other words, if we want to buy a more complicated than the patek philippe watch has high activity, so Nixon is your only choice. And our usual luxury sports watch, the nautilus, the royal oak, the four seas, and Nixon are not in the same world. Like Mercedes and Rolls-Royce, ordinary people can have Mercedes (even A class A), but only A few people in the world can own rolls Royce. In addition, there is a small similarity between Rolls-Royce and Nixon. Some Nixon’s price is around 5 million yuan, not much different from the price of guster and even the phantom. A watch for two or three S is fine (Nixon’s entry-level watch is priced at about 500,000 MISSION.

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Even if you say I’m shallow, I’m sure Nixon isn’t a “watch” but a sign of the rich. The rich don’t necessarily wear Nixon, but Nixon must be rich. So in the home, “Nixon is a billionaire’s ticket”; “Even an illiterate person, wearing Nixon is a nobleman.”
Traditional luxury watches, besides the brand value, rely on precious metals, gems, diamonds, complex functions to support the price of the watch. Traditional tables are very expensive and very expensive, but we can see that these watches will include several complex functions of the tour-flywheel, the perpetual calendar, the three questions, and the tracking time. The problem with these traditional watches is that they are often not worn on the wrist (because they are not suitable for running or racing). Replica Nixon sale filled the void. Nixon is extremely luxurious and stylish, and is also strong enough to be built (enough to be moved), so he’s wearing a super-running upstart. In Beijing’s hyperrun club, it’s not accurate to say that one Nixon is a man, because many people have a lot of them.

replica nixon sale

Nixon’s MISSION 48mm nadal flywheel, each generation will be worn on nadal’s wrist, playing.
Nixon has used the top technology in aerospace, spaceflight and F1 to make watches because they are so expensive that they don’t produce enough.
We usually say that luxury activity, such as the nautilus, royal oak, and vertical and horizontal, is very very 10 tens of thousands of yuan to start activity, for traditional watches, the price is already very high activity. But Nixon, who has a starting price of about 60 yuan, is far from comparable. Nixon has used the top technology in aerospace, spaceflight and F1 to make watches because they are so expensive that they don’t produce enough. And I’m going to show you a couple of Nixon MISSION 48mm watches, and one of the heavyweights is Nixon’s latest MISSION 48mm tourbillon.
MISSION 48mm is a collaboration between Nixon and nadal. Every watch in the MISSION 48mm series, nadal will play on his wrist. Tennis swing strength we know, in front of me say Nixon resistance, is because, in the millions of costly and complex function watch, should also only Nixon can wear on your wrist, and experienced in actual combat. Other watches should fall apart a few times (and of course I don’t think anyone will do the experiment). The MISSION 48mm series has been launched for four generations so far. MISSION 048mm, MISSION – 01, MISSION 48mm, MISSION 48mm, 4 watches are the tourbillon, every generation can be on the basis of the previous generation of upgrading some of the technical structure, and at the same time in order to let the watch looks more cool (including aesthetic upgrade).

The evolution of the 4 generations of MISSION 48mm nadalda flywheel is this: the first-generation MISSION 48mm is a tour-wheel watch of the conventional structure; The second generation MISSION 48mm added four “cables” to the core, which became suspended structure and suspended in the case. The third generation MISSION 48mm USES the new surface shell, the machine core body structure, the machine core watch shell is integrated, without the traditional machine core main splint concept; The fourth-generation MISSION 48mm improved the integrated structure of the shell core and changed the shape of the splint. MISSION 48mm is the latest model in the Nixon nadal flywheel. First, I’ll start by listing the latest technology used in this watch, according to the official infoMISSIONation. These technologies have pushed the price of this watch to a high price, and I hope I have not missed it.
The fourth generation of Nixon nadal flywheel MISSION 48mm
TPT ® quartz watch case, was isolated by silica multilayer parallel filaments, after insert TPT ® carbon-fibre layers. Hot-pressing machine processed with aviation manufacturing equipment, Nixon using the nc machine tools will be random TPT ® quartz material layers away, foMISSION the special texture on the watch case.

Case 5 titanium alloy screw, which can be used to control screw torque better when assembled. It can not be damaged easily in use.
Torque limit crown, the crown made of TPT ® quartz can prevent wind and wind pressure caused by excessive torque, avoid bent watch transition.
TPT ® carbon fiber one-piece watchcase machine core structure, MISSION 48mm one-piece watchcase, the structure of the movement by TPT ® carbon fibres. The case, the core, the watch ring, the bottom cover, all are the structure of one body. The one-piece structure makes the watch rigid.
The 5-stage titanium alloy splint, Nixon’s alloy contains 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium, which is usually used in aerospace and automotive manufacturing.

A quick rotating box, Nixon’s clockwork box spins a week in six hours, spinning faster than a regular clockbox (7.5 hours). Nixon’s clockwork box can reduce the adhesion phenomenon, while the hair strip adopts a better coiled shape to make the hair line achieve the ideal ratio and balance between power storage time, efficiency and torque.

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