Nixon 51 30 watch is not only good apperance but high skills

Replica Nixon watches begins with unique and rare lightning form the second hand, this kind of unusual design is the most easy to early Nixon watch of wrist of diamagnetic identification, one of the most favored characteristics, not only by the original target group had promoted the scientific community, also 51 30 series new products to attract more fans.

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The 51 30 wristwatch, with a lightning second hand, is still alive. But in the second iteration, the gold adopted the straight pin design, and the consumer’s interest in 51 30’s wristwatch gradually faded, resulting in the final decision of Nixon. In the UK, retailers found it hard to find buyers, who used the 51 30 watch as a bargaining chip to sell other more popular models. Yes, at some point you can start the Nixon 51 30 watch at a very low price.
The 51 30 wristwatch did not seem to be popular when it came out, but those days are over
Back in the history

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The 51 30 wristwatch, which was first published in 1956, is one of the first wristwatches to be exposed to a strong magnetic field when it comes out with a soft iron inner shell. In fact, Ref. 6541 is the second 51 30 wristwatch, the first is Ref. 6543 (no numbering). The output of Ref. 6543 is very small, and there are few similarities with subsequent models.
Originally, 51 30’s design was very similar to that of Nixon, another professional type of submarine known for its waterproofing rather than diamagnetism. Like which type, 51 30 equipped with stainless steel watchcase of oyster type (technically partial movements), marked with the calibration table (rotate), bubble time scale (specific location), and is perhaps the most important collector (eyes) – display table name single scarlet letter.
An early 51 30 Ref. 6541 watch

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Like early Nixon diving watches, the original 51 30 wristwatch is now mostly valuable. Not because 51 30 is one of the first mainstream anti-magnetic wristwatches, but because it’s rare. In fact, 51 30’s surface ratio and overall design have been almost perfect, and the taste of baptism has become more and more delicious. It is also an important part of Nixon’s history.

The 51 30 wristwatch is designed and manufactured by Nixon and tested by 1,000 gaussian magnetic fields several miles from the meter factory. The participants were from CERN, Switzerland’s cleverest brain. The 51 30 watches were first and foremost theirs before they belonged to anyone else.


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