Replica Nixon 51 30 gold watch, designed with straight needle

In the 20th century, Replica Nixon only made an important iteration which was introduced in the 1960s as gold. 51 30 gold has made considerable improvements, most notably smooth table circles, new Pointers and time scales. The second hand was designed vertically, with the red tip echoing the single red letter “51 30”, which was critical. gold is divided into two kinds of dial styles (excluding the test models without fluorescent materials), black or silver, and are no longer decorated with honeycomb patterns. Although gold was 38 mm in diameter, it was generous, but it never really found the cicadas. In 1988, Nixon finally gave up production.
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Replica nixon 51 30 z-blue light Blue wristwatch gives the series a new look
Nearly 20 years after it was removed from its catalogue, Nixon relaunched the 51 30 watch in 2007 and made a brave decision (and perhaps has to). For a long time, Nixon is known for its ability to make subtle improvements, and the brand has chosen one of its simplest products and adds fresh color to its brand. The new model Ref. 116400 comes back to the lightning stoppin design, with a clean but slightly cold case with a bright orange pointer, and the minutes and hours are decorated in the same color. Perhaps the most controversial change is the introduction of the green sapphire crystal mirror. Nixon calls it Glace Verte (green glass) and claims that the brand does not have a patent because it is too difficult to make.
Almost every element of the wristwatch, from a pointer to a dial to a mirror, has dazzling brilliance
Then, in 2014, Nixon added blue watches, which left many people without reason. For the first time, 51 30 watches not only retail, but also appear at a higher level. All of this is because of the Blue dial, which Nixon calls “z-blue.”
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The case is elegantly curved and polished
It should be clear that this watch and other 51 30 Ref. 116400 are not technically different. The wrist watch is equipped with the traditional 40 mm watchcase of oyster type (with polishing processing) and 904 l stainless steel oyster bracelet drawing and polishing polishing (fusion), with independent Caliber type 3131 movement, through the USA precision meter test center (COSC) detection, a Parachrom hairspring zirconium, niobium alloy), capture and magnetic wheel (nickel phosphorus alloy), can ensure the diamagnetic. The Caliber 3131 automatically has a power reserve of about 48 hours, powered by all modern 51 30 wristwatches (and the new ones).
It’s an out-and-out, sturdy, oyster watch
The dial configuration changes also very little. In fact, what Nixon does is to improve on a solid foundation. The stick, Chromalight fluorescence (adding another subtle hue), bright orange minute tracks and the words “51 30” are preserved. The new wristwatch and antique watch are quite different, but they seem to be more popular.
The only real novelty of the 51 30 z-blue wristwatch is the dial. Blue is a convenient option when a watchmaker wants a change of taste. It is more versatile, more casual than traditional black, white and silver, while not paranoid. But this blue is a little unusual because it comes from Nixon, and Nixon sets and executes its own code of conduct. In fact, it’s a metallic blue that changes to a green color depending on the light and Angle.

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