Nixon all-wooden watch can satisfy all your “wooden” feelings

In recent years, becoming the newest fashion elements, wooden contracted style from the iphone, the shell, wood lubricious notebooks, pens, wooden clock, log even paper extraction is woodiness contracted style, visible woodiness material for consumers in today’s liking. And the birth of the Replica nixon watches is a way of changing the way people experience time, letting the smell of the fresh and artistic smell emanate from the wrist.

replica nixon wood case

Mentioned real wood, believes that many people will produce a feeling of gentle, benevolence, and believe that many consumers are feeling the temperature from wood, it detailed mother earth to soothe our hands, warm and generous, willing to tolerate everything, so never out of date, wooden items as Replica nixon watches watches, the founder of the wood can always give Replica nixon watches wooden watch the temperature of the warm heart. Youth father given solid wood not only watches with Replica nixon watches wooden watch founder’s growth trajectory, tick tock, day and night, recorded every sunrise and sunset, bearing the father dear friend. Today, Replica nixon watches wooden watch will Chinese craftsmen spirit combined with Japan movement technology, recycled maple wood, bamboo, and sandalwood products interpretations of the modern concept of green environmental protection.

It is worth mentioning, because each Replica nixon watches watches are made of solid wood, wood so each Replica nixon watches wooden watch weight is 0.25 kg, almost all people wear Replica nixon watches wooden watch the first impression is super light. Replica nixon watches use woodiness hand-carved wooden watch, carve design can customize according to the different needs of customers, in the spirit with craftsmen elaborate each piece of Replica nixon watches wooden watches, Replica nixon watches from the dial to watch box, from wrist to desk clock, wooden craft, each piece of Replica nixon watches wooden watch it can be seen the colour and lustre of thick and rich heritage. Compared with the modern intelligent wearable watch, Replica nixon watches wooden watches without any sensors, touch screen and keys, only a simple wooden watches, through the most primitive way according to the fuzzy time, let the people who live in the city feel the passage of time in another way.
As a new wrist watch brand design, Replica nixon watches is not a long history, also does not have the rich smart function such as bluetooth, step, Replica nixon watches wooden watch only rely on everything from the strap to the watch case is made from solid wood, every part has the natural grain of lumber, makes the wearer feel elegant, artistic breath. Perhaps only Replica nixon watches wooden watches, can bring love wood, simple, pure minimalist life relief, in the multifarious metropolis find shelter heart silence, let you close to nature, feel the natural beauty, to find another attitude to life.

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