Nixon watches launched three new 51 30 Gold wrist watch

a beautiful peacock in meantime, proudly atmosphere elegance, process technology, advanced jewelry with advanced tabulation technology perfect fusion of replica nixon watches, in new works reflect incisively and vividly.

The Nixon 51 30 Gold series, a wristwatch
The peacock in the five colors of the color of the garment is full of glamour and charm, winning numerous accolades, displaying the noble and extraordinary regal temperament and natural goddess. New launch three new Nixon 51 30 Gold series wrist watch paint Italian classic peacock totem image, specially designed for favours the delicate and elegant women wrist watch, love at first sight.
Because of its profound meaning and rich connotation, the image of the peacock has appeared in various works of art over the past four thousand years. In the middle ages, people thought that the peacock stood for immortal life; The Indian sees the peacock as a symbol of fertility and eternity; In the Middle East, peacocks often appear on either side of the tree of life; In Roman mythology, Juno, the wife of the heavenly god Jupiter, owns the peacock. Colorful peacocks are extremely common in ancient mosaics.

replica nixon
replica nixon

Nixon culture deeply rooted in the ancient Roman history, draw inspiration from its profundity and reworking the classic peacock image, making her the 51 30 Gold series wrist watch dial is central. The work is inspired by the Mosaic of peacocks and scalloped tiles in the kalacalla baths of Rome, showing a purely naturalistic style with a sexy glow. Cheap Nixon watches has launched three 51 30 Gold series with the image of the peacock totem, with delicate and unique elegance and charm.

cheap nixon watches
The first wrist watch use aventurine sky background, excelsior dial on the habitat stopped with an elegant peacock, delicate hand-painted process classic blue Roman Mosaic pattern on the dial hand in photograph reflect, colorful unsurpassed. With such a remarkable dial, the craftsman’s masters took up to twenty hours to complete the fine production of 14 colors. Platinum watchcase 37 mm diameter, table and table decoration brilliant-cut diamonds, blue crocodile leather strap with the crown of illuminative of sapphire, blossom a plain and unique harmonious beauty, the shining colorful peacocks become colorful.

The second wrist watch shows the bright and bright day scene, refined and elegant. The dazzling peacocks are reflected in the glittering stars of the dial, set against the backdrop of a day by the mother-of-pearl. A rose gold watch with a diameter of 37 mm is also worn with a blue alligator strap. These two delicate and rare wristwatches, each set with up to 135 diamonds, fully reveal the brilliant jewelry manufacturing process of Nixon. At the same time, both watches are powered by Nixon’s homemade automatic chain.

The Nixon 51 30 Gold series rose gold watch
The third wrist watch with a peacock totem, with a more sophisticated and manual mechanical cutouts. In this work, the complex tabulation technology and the exquisite art creation collide out the flares, the inspiration is infinite imagination, amazing. The core adopts hollow-out technology to create a beautiful image and transparency effect. Delicate hand-painted peacock totem combined with diamond inlaid on the dial, and become an integral part of the hollow out movement set each other off becomes an interest, through the transparent sapphire surface and table back, can see the movement of the delicate details. The exquisite craftsmanship of the skilled craftsman not only makes the discerning connoisseur and the timeter of the watch go to the heart, but also makes the first person the most amazing, like infatuation.

37mm in diameter, 18k platinum case; Table and ear inlaid diamonds, 18k platinum crown with sapphire, waterproof depth of 30 meters; 18k platinum dial inlaid with diamonds, hand-painted peacock totem, gold stone dial background; Carry brand diy BVL 191 automatic chain machine core, hour and minute display; 42 hours of power storage; Navy blue alligator skin table with 18k platinum folding table button. A total of 135 diamonds, weighing about 1.96 carat.

platinum watch, price $30000 (SAP: 102740)
51 30 Gold rose gold watch
37mm diameter, 18k rose gold watch case; The circle and ear are studded with diamonds. The 18k rose gold watch is decorated with sapphire and is 30 meters deep. 18k rose gold dial inlaid with diamonds, hand-painted peacock totem, mother-of-pearl watch dish background; Carry brand diy BVL 191 automatic chain machine core, hour and minute display; 42 hours of power storage; Blue crocodile skin watch with 18k rose gold folding table buckle; A total of 135 diamonds, weighing about 1.96 carat.

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