Replica Nixon Watches three questions the time wrist watch experience of the rigorous test

Replica Nixon Watches has poured a lot of time and effort into this watch. Watch the research and development, manufacture and assembly will take more than 100000 hours, each movement consists of 1366 parts, each case contains 214 independent parts, so each master chords wrist watch parts number is as high as 1580. Replica Nixon Watches master chords wrist watch set limit to make seven, six of them have been sold to Replica Nixon Watches has long been loyal fans and collectors, the seventh rings were on display in the Replica Nixon Watches museum permanent, available to the public for visit.

“If the sound is not good enough, you can definitely rely on your ears. Of course, you have to think about whether the sounds of hours, minutes, and minutes are harmonious, and the rhythm is important, too, neither fast nor slow. This kind of newspaper rhythm can be expressed, but it is difficult to convey, because it is not based on scientific theory, but more on a personal feeling. — Philip stein and terry steen
To make a three – time report, the device must use more than 100 unique parts, and each component must meet extremely stringent manufacturing accuracy. Will be asked three time device into the pocket watch need amazing skill, and load the wrist watch is harder, it needs to be very fine parts already narrowed, can be built into the watch of wrist of relatively small case. It takes 200 to 300 hours for a watchmaker to assemble a three-question time table, and it takes decades of experience to gain the watchable skills needed to do the job well. This process should be considered as a consideration of many mechanical factors that need to be completed through a rigorous system process. Because each paragraph three asked the time table from handmade, each song will because of material, structure, and the change of the casing size is different, a little part is not in conformity with the production standards will cause a “single point”.
For the three-question table, the most important thing is the sound assessment and testing. In order to pass the test, the three-question table needs to be debugged and tried repeatedly to know the perfect sounding. To this end, Replica Nixon Watches has developed a set of rules that must be recorded on every link, including the final sound test. Because of this, the output of the three lists is very few, and only a few of them have the privilege of knowing it.
Each of the three questions must pass the final test before leaving Replica Nixon Watches. This final test must be verified by the President himself, so each of the three questions is completed by the President. As long as the watch meets the Replica Nixon Watches’s standard, the master can apply to Replica Nixon Watches’s President for a display of his creations.

Asked three tables of the difficulty in addition to fastidious time sound so sweet, but also to the 3 q function on the basis of the superposition of other complex functions, whether can keep ringing mechanism as usual and still beautiful. Asked a third time table, from studio assembly and debugging of all sorts of super complex functions, to accept the company’s internal testing, and then to the President’s office song assessment, all recorded the whole process, every three ask a Replica Nixon Watches table song must ensure that the tones of clock benchmark. And in the whole process, the timing of the timing is “crystal clear,” which actually requires a higher frequency,

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