So wonderful cheap nixon watches topic

Actually the of CHeap Nixon watches for 5mm and 6mm will be the same, just a little thinner, so it won’t make some difference in price.

As we need to check for the black & brown rhodium plating, so I am afraid that we can only confirm the prices of CHeap replica Nixon watches tomorrow as now it’s late here already. But surely I will inform you asap.

While for the crystal bracelets, the price will be about USD3.70 or so, depends on the color plating.

Anything you need, just let me know pls.So pleased to receive your reply again.

1. For the matching CHeap Nixon watches to SSTL Bracelet
bracelet, we are thinking the same, as we are currently
developing on it, and I think I can send you pictures in days

2. And we have two sizes for the SSTL Braceletbracelet: 5mm
diameter and 6mm diameter. You can decide which size to make
when ordering.

3. For the CHeap Nixon watches, pls kindly check the color
chart for your info.

Should you have any question, pls let me know freely.

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