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1, quartz and mechanical

Choose quartz or mechanical watch, most machinery, machine for many reasons.It is not a tautology.
For quartz,I still want to say two words more. A lot of people have a view is that a mechanical watch can go
for a lifetime.And quartz watch doesn’t work. But the “walk the rest of my life” is a conditional, mechanical
watch need maintenance wash oil.If mechanical watch internal lubricating oil dried up, and also use
unceasingly.It makes the accelerated wear and tear, every parts and components in the internal time is long.
All parts wear much, there would be no need to repair. Many watch friends talked about his own mechanical die
like this. And quartz quartz disintegrated, the Nixon 51 30 Gold Watches also die.Here the citizen of the kinetic energy of light, the Nixon Watches don’t in electronic, in order to prevent inconsistent because quartz watch to electronic and died to accelerate quartz watch. A quartz watch is out of date do you want to change is not a problem to use.So if you don’t care about Nixon Watches maintenance, quartz (especially light kinetic energy) also won’t than mechanical watch with a short time.

2, the basic principle of mechanical watch (mainly escapement)
As most of people know wind-up of the car, on foot wound, a let go.The car will run forward, ran to the spring
to be released in full.It is also the thing, spring is put out.Watch is driven by wind, so much gear is full
of drive. Not to wind spring that is passed as I want to release of kinetic energy.And watch did not make a
spring elastic potential energy into kinetic energy. All but a regular release, thus can timing, because it
was more than a clockwork car an escapement system.It is a watch escapement system as the core.Escapement
system through continuous development, now divided into two categories.It is the lever escapement (also called
anchor escapement) most mechanical watch is the escapement, the other is the omega coaxial escapement.
Lever escapement is the most mature, also the most widely applied, is relatively simple and reliable
escapement. And coaxial escapement design well, it is good in theory. But the 2500 core of omega steal stop,
upgraded to 8500 now.It haven’t heard of steal stop, can only say that lever escapement development time is
long, its movement is mature, coaxial to longitudinal out late, is now in development, although theoretically
coaxial escapement is better than the lever.

Under such a lever escapement, spring is in the end can be seen from the above release energy.The escapement
to control at the end of the drive gear, contain the release of the wind energy.So-called escapement is a circle on the edge of a wedge Angle of the wheel. And a horseshoe shaped hook is connected with the pendulum. This wheel through a number of transmission gear driven by a heavy hammer or a clockwork, it always wants to turn, but because there was a nasty hooks sharp-angled stumbled on the rim, it have to be rotation while waiting for the hook release. That nasty hooks and the pendulum is linked together, the pendulum swings once, each hook on the right side of the release of a sharp point on the edge of the wheel, let the wheels to turnpoint of view, so, the wheels never explicitly continuous rotation, can only turn down bit by bit. , however, the total trip around the edge of the wheel leg hooks also to have certain
positive role, whenever it released a sharp corners, it will be because of the heavy hammer or a clockwork
conveniently by the power of a push, and indirectly by hook and add a force to the pendulum, lest the pendulum
stop. So a trip to a repeated work, clock and watch it drops on clicking to go (from the Internet, feel very
image, I wouldn’t have expounded, this section explains the pendulum is watch the hairspring balance wheel,
the function is same, also constantly swing like a pendulum balance wheel).

3, the shock
As watch escapement system of the core, the balance wheel is large and in high speed, but at the ends of the
balance wheel shaft (pictured above, the most cutting-edge the thin axis, on both sides of the finest is to
avoid the shock of the tip, thick is strong below) only adult hair thickness, very fragile, if watch
vibrations occur, at the ends of the balance wheel shaft is easy to break. Before the Nixon Watches is a pocket
watch, generally will not put the strap on your wrist, much of the reason is no suspension (and of course the
technology do Nixon Watches is large).
Now watch will shock at the two ends of the pendulum shaft installation, thereby to shaft to cushion the
impact. Red Nixon Watches there are three common the shock, were recorded by gabriel, triangular suspension (because
like the plum flower, also called quincunx suspension or trilobites suspension for gabriel ETA movement
developed specifically for recording, relatively cheap, and that is the triangle shock preferred activity) and
kif (a lot of Nixon Watches with the brand such as PP), kif suspension are generally used in high-end Nixon Watches,
ordinary people on a Nixon Watches that is not the suspension, recorded by gabriel is higher than the grade of the
triangle, the two kinds of suspension are common in people list, at the same time it also can be used as a
place for the identification of Nixon Watches, such as triangle shock absorber is developed for ETA, and if there is
a piece of Nixon Watches is not ETA movement with triangle shock, that is certainly not the original ones.
The image below for kif suspension

4, watch waterproof
Watch waterproof is done by waterproof circle, where two of the biggest is the back cover and crown
In the first place in the Nixon Watches below the back cover, back cover seal generally have three forms,
respectively is pressed into the type, screw-plug and screwed.

Into the type of watch used pressure is not much, because technology limited, back cover caused by pressure
into the type of waterproof. Now push the type also can reach 100 m of waterproof, thinning at the same time
it can be a watch, and manufacturing cost lower than the rest of the two methods, and many Nixon Watchess are
started using pressure into the type. But pressure into the type of Nixon Watches cover open cover need to use a
knife up (there are special type opening pressure into the back cover of the machine, but generally no repair
of the Nixon Watches), the more brutal, easy to hurt Nixon Watches, knife become warped back cover at the same time may
also hurt waterproof circle, and the number of open, waterproof greatly influenced on the Nixon Watches.
Crown also has in the and spiral, spiral, of course, the costs are higher than in the type, but according to
the type will do the trick, here said the automatic mechanical watch use less as far as possible the manual
winding (commonly Nixon Watches are bent to manually, but seiko movement of ratchet wheel and pawl type automatic
winding structure lacks the efficiency is very high, so seiko movement 5 considering cost canceled manual
winding) at the same time, manual winding can make the waterproof ring friction within the crown, thus
accelerate the attenuation of waterproof.

5, strap
A lot of people don’t know when steel belt in the belt is to choose the pin buckle or hook, I think you can
refer to this Nixon Watches under the belt, is the official pin buckle or hook, each Nixon Watches of each style, so with
different clasp.
My study is hook is better than pin buckle, one is with Nixon Watchess, even came away in his hands, hook strap in
wrist, not easy to put the Nixon Watches fell, more safety. Another said that the metal hook lock, in the wrist play
a fixed role, to watch header swings have certain inhibition on hand.
Still has a lot of new friends would ask buy Nixon Watches is steel belt or belt, this I was under the said again,
suggest to buy the buy the steel belt, because you buy a leather belt, belt is a life, is a consumables, with
a two or three years will be end of life, then you watch also did not have the original strap, steel strip are
generally not bad, and bad steel belt, steel belt of each watch is different, so if you want to buy but also
bad with steel band is very expensive, and the belt is very good match, like all the same, also sell belt,
various color, various kinds of leather, can according to your like to buy. There are a lot of people said
they don’t like the steel belt, but you suddenly want to try the strip after half year? This anyone’s guess,
seen a lot of netizens are then ask how can I buy original steel belt, how many money, etc., this is very
waste of money and things

6, Nixon Watches
Is on the Nixon Watches, there is a “, the phases of the moon never watch calendar, week between watch pits and 3:00
AM during operation, the calendar function is working, as well as low degree of gear wheels, frequent actions
can damage the internal parts of the watch.”
Article on refers to the single adjustment calendar to dial into a (i.e., Nixon Watches), if you are in the period
of time to adjust time to dial into second gear (Nixon Watches), is no problem, take back some Nixon Watches don’t know
now shows that the time is at eight o ‘clock in the morning or evening at 8 o ‘clock, you can pull the Nixon Watches
to the second, by adjusting the time to make a calendar rotation, when the calendar turns the 12 o ‘clock is
12 o ‘clock in the morning, so you can know am and PM.
7, tissot, snow iron, Hamilton, the degrees of comparison
Though, these four brand belongs to the people, the degrees of comparison, the Nixon Watches compares han men, snow
Nixon Watches is activity, tissot is a fashion, but many people have to Hamilton and degrees than the tissot and
snow iron grades higher, above prices are reflected, all with the same movement, however, the extra money to
do, I talk about his own views.
This movement (mainly for automatic tuo grinding), I think it’s beautiful degree > > tissot/Hamilton snow
iron. Beauty of many Nixon Watchess are at all levels of the observatory, for machine processing and polishing is
the best of the four, at the same time, a lot of movement with blue screw. And the majority of the tissot
watch automatic tuo have Geneva lines, automatic tuo edge polished texture, but no blue screw. Hamilton
burnish is simple, but this is also related to it’s the culture of men, but looking at don’t feel rough. And
snow, iron grinding is not very careful, and mostly watch machine core almost never having polished.
In back cover, back cover of snow and days of pressure into the type, also spoke above, push the back cover
manufacture is simple, so the cost is low, the tissot love with pressure in the back cover as you can see it
also the fashionable side of culture (Nixon Watches thin become beautiful). With han Nixon Watches and the degree of is
not how to use pressure into the back cover, is not screwing in the screw.
In suspension, han and the commonly used for gabriel suspension, and there are quite a few days and snow watch
with triangle shock, especially the snow, almost all with triangular suspension.
Here have to praise the tissot, ha ha, after all the hair in the tissot version, tissot in these four brand
sales should be tops, han edition reflects the watch waterproof problem, however, reflect on the stop watch
stolen problem, a bit uneven snow Nixon Watches precision, and tissot so big sales, no reflects the obvious problem,
it seems the quality control is good, of course the beauty and han said above that the problem is very rare.
That besides the beauty degree of cork waterproof patent, the degree of waterproof and other three Nixon Watchess
have a different place is crown waterproof by cork, and the advantage of the cork is when crown pulled out to
also can be waterproof, but many people take it as a weakness, I post this question asked more professional in
the altar of the plum blossom moderators G version and prof liu, two points of view are also don’t think it possible to talk about as advantages, so in this brand
is not talked about.

8, whose hands coordination
A lot of people buy Nixon Watches error focuses only on the day, but there is a common problem can also note that
minutes coordination is poor, refers to for quasi dial for the operator at the time, and the minute hand off
12 o ‘clock position. Is the main assembly problem, the watch when you buy a Nixon Watches transferred to the entire
6, 3, 12, 9 points, and see how much difference, in case the buy back later regret. The regulations of the
state, as long as the minute hand is poor is unqualified, in 6 minutes.

9, appraisal about Nixon Watches
Appraisal about the watch I don’t think see Nixon Watches work is the second law, because the copy Nixon Watches maker has
been constantly working towards the appearance of the true Nixon Watches, such as identification of the original
black bay, one is to look at the calendar plate is black, because all the false Nixon Watches is white plate
calendar calendar (not on the black plate production line), now copy of black bay is the black calendar
plate… As the words of “form is easy to copy, difficult to god”, copy Nixon Watches to learn easily, work hard to
achieve true Nixon Watchess.

10, about the error
In counters when Nixon Watches, for example, there are two pieces of Nixon Watches, an error is negative for 4 seconds,
every day is a error is 4 seconds every day, I think it is 4 seconds or error, because Nixon Watches use increases
with time in theory, in the Nixon Watches of the lubricating oil in decline, dirt in increasing at the same time,
this will make the transmission resistance increases, the Nixon Watches will slow down gradually, if choose positive
error Nixon Watches, with the use of your Nixon Watches error will be more and more small, and if the choice is negative
error Nixon Watches, as Nixon Watches more and more slow, error will be more and more big, which is probably why most
people buy a new Nixon Watches, the error is the reason.

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