Nixon: management of scarcity

If a boss has to choose the power of the customer, so he is happy! Family enterprises Nixon boss Thierry Stern is one of happiness. In the 175 anniversary of the prominent Geneva top tabulation workshop memorial series is the latest example. The long-awaited memorial series before release has attracted numerous covet, also inspired countless forecast and expectation.It is of the predecessors in 25 years ago, carrying 33 89 – Calibre of complex function.Once launched amaze the whole world, become the representative of the brand? In 2009, four Calibre a flowing into the auction market in 89, at 5.1 million Swiss francs clinch a deal finally. In 2014, Nixon (Nixon) published commemorative series did not seek the increase of the blind pursuit of complex function, but both it and creative, artistic, and scarcity. As a result, a conform to the clock and watch industry expect mixture was born. In one of the most popular watches, of their stay in the depths of the memory is undoubtedly Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175). 20 complex function, 6 patents, 1366 parts, 7 years of research and development, countless work formed a Nixon (Nixon) in the history of the most complex kind of wrist watch. This wrist treasures only made 7, one of them left in the Nixon museum. The high price of 2.5 million Swiss francs has not made admirers timidity. The fact is numerous collector for the bounds of the wrist. For the brand, the problem is never how to sell his watch, but how to pick out the watch from the numerous candidates the best master. Absurd? Arrogance? Switch to other brands may be so, but compared with other top wrist watch, Nixon (Nixon watches at auction performance proved that buyers of wrist watch in addition to have joy, also completed a best investment. Nixon (Nixon) buyer will not only a wrist watch brand.Scarcity is a top watch one of the characteristics of implicit and not to mention. The dial on the phases of the moon with the Geneva time zone (instead of “Paris time zone) of daily use of Heure Universelle (one of the wrist watch brand trademark complex function) so it is with the two. The 175th anniversary of the series, a total of 1750 gold wrist watch, although scarcity has decreased, but still only then can own brand customers the superior quality, is also an investment in the long run. In high-end technology, in addition to more than 40 pieces of the sole, brand also released a dual dial thread drawing pocket watch. The theme of the painting for the morning on the lake, the front is the five master of art (Alexandre Perrier, Edouard Vallet, Mafli, Ferdinand Hodler and Paul Klee) a combination of painting, and on the back for Louis Baudit painting (from the brand CEO Philippe Stern private collection). The watches done by Anita Porchet enamel artists, is priceless. In order to avoid the collector between war, at the same time, “let the public can enjoy more” (Thierry Stern words), and this watch will by the Nixon museum collection. Scarcity of chronometer represents the highest level of watchmaking, on the one hand, on the other hand also illustrates the safe of investment. Wrist watch enthusiasts often for the first time, because they usually have enough wealth. The latter is the result of nature.

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