How to distinguish authenticity of Nixon 51 30 gold watch

Now on the market of the Nixon brand, There many quality nixon watches. Nixon 51 30 gold watches’ excellent quality deeply the general consumer’s affection. Nature is little not be copied. Watch A goods, the most important thing is to practice right from true and false of the eyes. Below small make up say Nixon watch how to distinguishes the authenticity of Nixon 51 30 gold watch.

1, The movement
First of all,the true Nixon 51 30 Gold use movement model and the movement of the logo is very famous. If meets the transparent of Nixon 51 30 Gold at the end of fake watch, can distinguish authenticity. Next, want to watch machine core, the real movement of words clear and beautiful, carved false Nixon 51 30 Gold is rough, there is no aesthetic feeling. Finally, to a deep understanding of the performance of movement, such as chain mode (manual or automatic, one-way or two-way), the voice of the walking movement, etc.

2, After watching label instead
To look at the factory of the bottom of the Nixon 51 30 Gold tag, usually watch will have a brand logo on the label, and have a watch model number identification. Some on the bottom of the wrist watch labels will have laser anti-counterfeit

3, Look look fine
The appearance of the first to observe carefully watch.It including the polishing of appearance. Watch grinding technique is exquisite, watch burnish is very exquisite, and fake watch technology and far. See the font, true Nixon 51 30 Gold of font, false Nixon 51 30 Gold is a lack of confidence. Look, most of the fake watch not in function. It is through the breach of the fake watch. Many fake watch functions are accessories (such as the moon, perpetual calendar, the tourbillon, etc.), in fact, there is no this function. See a pointer, the pointer to the real from the length, thickness, shape and texture and a fake. Senior wrist, for example, often use the “blue steel needle”, the true Nixon 51 30 Gold pointer color is full of deep and remote blue, fired by the complicated process to make fake watch blue is to brush up. See disk, senior watch of wrist of the commonly used disk process with enamel surface, ji ornamental process, metal radiation disk, shells, some of the watches have their own unique technology, such as rolex (full discount, the lowest 36810 yuan), computer disks, pure gold silver Cartier, carve patterns or designs on woodwork disk, etc. Diamond and Mosaic technology: see enchases craft, the quality of the diamond and the size.

4, Watch glass
Generally watch glass are made of the sapphire crystal glass, the most simple method of distinguish is a finger tapping the glass surface, the real sapphire Nixon 51 30 Gold mirror ringing sound. Use method of water
drop testing whether the sapphire glass is not accurate

5, See digital identification number
Careful watch on the bottom of everything related to digital identity, usually there is no law of fake watch, and even real Nixon 51 30 Gold of digits corresponding. Each word is really independent number only.

6, The icon
Including the strap marks, clasp mark bottom mark, Nixon 51 30 Gold ear mark, and watch the unique design and digital signature.Nixon watch is a fake? A cargo over and over, how to distinguish authenticity is the key

7, The hidden place
Observations in some detail, such as the inside of the strap (lead number). These are false Nixon 51 30 Gold is the most difficult to do, is also the most easy to overlook the buyer.

8, The traditional production process
Are traditional process, such as the modelling of the screw, the polishing of the bottom of the Nixon 51 30 Gold with the sculpture, and some factory special mark on his wrist.

9, Watch strap
Senior wrist belt use the high quality of crocodile skin, hand sewing, are excellent both material technology.

10, Watch boxes, and certificates
Watch box work also reflected the value of the watches, senior wrist watch box very fastidious, the certificate will be printed with wrist watch model and produce a unique serial number, we call it “paper” was born. Some certificate will have pinhole punch technology will play on the certificate of wrist watch the Numbers, in case of counterfeit.

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