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Nixon is a wrist watch brand name from the United States, was established in 1997 in California.It provides┬ácustom watches, in fashion, ice skating, snow sports and surfing specialty store sale. The brand watch is fashionable and practical. Among them “The Dork” watch and alarm clock function, can be a skateboard world legend Tony Hawk, surfer Saxon Boucher and other let you unexpected athletes sound Settings for The alarm clock ring; There will be “The Delta” watches, equipped with skiing athletes need any function, including chart can record best skiers jumping. In 2000, the brand began to produce accessories, business scope will be extended to more than 25 countries.

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Nixon watch
Now that has grown to face the young consumer market brand of high-end fashion watches and deserve to act the role of the class. Nixon product design is very bold, subversion of the general population to watch appearance impression, highly stressed self tone, again in HFM with mature flavor is quite by the young people like to watch brand.
Nixon watch style bold avant-courier, innovation, practical, fashion as a whole. Watch itself contains its unique features make it a bold design capital, ranked first in the world of fashion watches.

Nixon watch
Nixon watch discern between true and false

First of all, to the true watches used movement model and the movement of the logo is very familiar with, if meets the transparent watches at the end of fake watch, can distinguish authenticity. Next, want to watch
machine core, the real movement of words clear and beautiful, carved false watches is rough, there is no aesthetic feeling. Finally, to a deep understanding of the performance of movement, such as chain mode (manual or automatic, one-way or two-way), the voice of the walking movement, etc.

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Nixon watch
To look at the factory of the bottom of the watches tag, usually watch will have a brand logo on the label,
and have a watch model number identification. Some on the bottom of the wrist watch labels will have laser
laser anti-counterfeit. To see these, do you have a clear Nixon watch exactly how a brand watch? Sure Nixon
watch avant-garde design and special function let you deeply fascinated by it.

Nixon watch reviews
Bright appearance fashion and quality for nixon watch is great! And its unique function, very interesting.
Main products are very suiwatches for young, vibrant and energetic young man!

nixon watch

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